Civil servants’ crunch housing indaba

The Apex Council, which brings together representatives of Government employees, will this week have a crucial indaba with the employer to finalise issues that are threatening to derail the civil servants housing scheme.

Source: Civil servants’ crunch housing indaba | The Sunday Mail Jul 16, 2017

Debra Matabvu

Top of the agenda is presentation of how Government will prioritise construction of high-rise buildings while minimising allocation of residential stands to employees.

Government has allocated land for high-rise buildings and residential stands in all provinces. But with President Mugabe pointing out that going up is better than spreading out, the civil servants’ scheme will now prioritise apartment blocks.

Secretary for Local Government, Public Works and National Works Engineer George Mlilo said, “We are presenting this new thrust when we meet the Apex council this Thursday.

“The issue of high-rise buildings in the civil servants housing scheme follows the pronouncement by President Mugabe recently. We want to build high-rise buildings and minimise the number of residential stands we had initially indicated.

“We are set to build model high-rise buildings in all provinces in a few months and we have identified old messengers’ camps which were used as District Administrators’ areas.

“In Harare we will build two model high-rise buildings in Highfield while the other two will be built in Bulawayo between Mpopoma suburb and Mabutweni suburbs. Other provinces will have a single model building each.

“These models will act as price guides. However we are hoping the final cost for the flats will be reduced once we have engaged suppliers of building materials.”

Costs of flat units announced by Government in April range between US$32 000 and US$72 000. Apex council deputy chairperson Mr David Dzatsunga said the meeting would iron out sticky issues between Government and employees vis-a-vis the housing scheme.

To date over 75 000 civil servants have registered to take up the flat units and residential stands.