Incompetent mayors face the sack

Incompetent mayors face the sack

Incompetent mayors and councillors face instant dismissal as Government moves to end corruption and maladministration in local authorities.

Source: Incompetent mayors face the sack | The Sunday Mail Jul 16, 2017

Sunday Mail Reporter
In terms of a new draft law being spearheaded by the Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Ministry, and that of Rural Development, Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage, a tribunal will decide the fate of under-performing mayors and councillors.

The Local Government Laws Amendment Bill will amend the Rural District Councils and Urban Councils Acts.

Urban and rural councils fell under one portfolio until 2015 when President Mugabe created the Rural Development Ministry, which now caters for the latter.

Secretary for Local Government Engineer George Mlilo said, “The two ministries have been spilt and so we are now waiting for principals from all sides to agree on the issues in the draft. Once that has been done we will table the bill in parliament.”

One of the major highlights of the proposed legislation is establishment of an independent tribunal to deal with the removal of mayors, councillors and council chairpersons as provided for by Section 278 of the Constitution.

Some of the grounds for removal from office include gross incompetence; inability to perform functions due to mental or physical incapacity; gross misconduct; conviction of an offence involving dishonesty, corruption or abuse of office; and wilful violation of the law.

The Judicial Service Commission will be involved in constituting the tribunal.

The tribunal shall have “A chairperson appointed by the minister from a list of at least three and not more than nine registered legal practitioners with at least five years’ experience in private or public practice, who shall be nominated by the Judicial Service Commission, if the original list consists of fewer than nine nominees, the minister may request an additional nominee or list of nominees so that the total number of nominees including those in the original list do not exceed nine.

“. . . two other members appointed by the Judicial Service Commission from a list of at least three and not more than nine persons nominated by the minister, who shall be persons experienced in local government administration, whether as former councillors or as administrators”.