Coalition: MDC racing against time

Source: Coalition: MDC racing against time – DailyNews Live

Blessings Mashaya      18 July 2017

HARARE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is racing against time to
form the much-anticipated grand coalition of opposition parties ahead of a
self-imposed July 31 deadline.

Early this month, a buoyant Tsvangirai declared that the proposed alliance
would be signed, sealed and delivered by month-end so that the parties to
the coalition can have ample time to strategise Zanu PF’s downfall at the
2018 polls.

He made the announcement soon after inking a memorandum of understanding
(MoU) with Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume.

Speaking at rally on Sunday in Kuwadzana, Tsvangirai’s deputy, Nelson
Chamisa, said his boss would close coalition talks “gates” on July 31.

“On the issue of coalition, the president is having coalition talks until
the end of July, after 31 July, we will close the (coalition) gates. Those
who agree with us we will walk together, we want everyone to come. Vanhu
vose vanoziva munhu anga achivhima nguva yose, iwe woona mhuka yakabatwa
gumbo wotora banga wocheka musoro, ndeyako? (you don’t reap what you did
not sow). We walked a very long journey, we want democracy but for now
it’s not good to have many political parties; we must give president
Tsvangirai a chance,” said Chamisa.

“We have solutions to the economy; we are going to have good policies
which are going to attract investors. We are going to bring back
confidence and correct the issue of cash shortage by improving

Opposition parties canvassed by the Daily News yesterday said they were
all eager to consummate the grand coalition but appeared not amused by
attempts by the MDC to impose timelines within which the mooted alliance
should be consummated.

The National People’s Party (NPP), led by Joice Mujuru, admitted yesterday
that they were racing against time to achieve the coalition, but could not
comment on what motivated Tsvangirai into giving the July 31 deadline.

“As NPP, we acknowledge that we are racing against time as the regime can
declare the holding of election at any time . . . We cannot speak on
behalf of other parties on what motivated the setting of the deadline,”
said the party’s spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) weighed in saying it is ready to seal
the coalition deal as soon as possible.

Said PDP spokesperson Jacob Mafume: “Well, it is their internal position
(MDC).We were ready to agree with people last year and we are ready now;
it won’t take us long to do that”.

The idea of a coalition received a boost recently when Tsvangirai signed
MoUs with Mujuru and Welshman Ncube’s smaller faction of the MDC.

Analysts are unanimous that too many political parties will no doubt split
the votes in favour of Zanu PF.

In the 2008 polls, Tsvangirai was denied outright victory after Simba
Makoni of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn entered the presidential race a few months
before the polls and managed to get eight percent of the votes.

Tsvangirai’s followers claim the MDC leader could have sealed it in the
first round without the need for a run-off that saw the former trade
unionist pulling out citing widespread violence against his supporters and

Zimbabwe currently has over 40 opposition political parties, some of which
are believed to have been created by Zanu PF to create confusion and
divide the votes.

On Sunday, Chamisa made the bizarre claim that this time around the
opposition has infiltrated Zanu PF and they now know the ruling party’s

“In rural areas, we now know what Zanu PF is doing; we have infiltrated
them, we know what they are planning, and we don’t want them to rig the
elections again. We have our election team which comprises (Douglas)
Mwonzora, (Obert) Gutu and (Murisi Zwizwai), they are doing a good job,”
said Chamisa.

He also urged the people to register to vote.

“2018 is a crucial election, you need to go and register to vote. Parents
must force their children to go and register to vote. The government must
listen to the concern of people. If Harare registers to vote, we will win
the elections,” said Chamisa.

“Election conditions must be followed (and) if they failed to do so we are
promising action in the next weeks. You must participate in these
programmes; this is not an MDC project – everyone want change, even those
who are in Zanu PF. We must help Zanu PF by removing them in the darkness
they are living in,” he added.

He further said: “We know that Mugabe wants to proclaim election dates
much earlier than had been expected; they want elections in March but we
are going to resist that, they are trying to short-change proper
preparations of the elections in terms of the Constitution. They are
planning the early elections because they fear that a certain big tree
will fall but we don’t care – that’s their problem.

“We want all people to register to vote before elections. If one person
fails to register to vote and if we fail to agree on the voters’ roll,
they are not going to be any elections in Zimbabwe. I am saying this
because I am Tsvangirai’s vice president, the largest opposition in