Coup: Where is the court case? Mujuru

via Coup: Where is the court case? Mujuru – NewZimbabwe 01/06/2015

FORMER Vice President Joice Mujuru has challenged her persecutors in Zanu PF to prove their allegations of treason and corruption by charging her in a court of law.

Mujuru was fired from the party and government after being accused by President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace of incompetence, corruption and, more seriously, plotting to illegally topple the veteran leader.

The president later backed his wife, further alleging that Mujuru even enlisted the help of Nigerian sorcerers in her bid to remove him from power.

Mujuru has always denied the allegations and, in a statement Monday, said she was surprised that the serious treason charges had not gone to court.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo was challenged about the lack of evidence about the alleged coup plot during a BBC interview and said it was just “political banter”.

Said Mujuru in her statement: “I have been accused of plotting against the elected leader of Zanu PF and the President of Zimbabwe.

“In addition, baseless allegations of corruption, personal enrichment, witchcraft, and more have been made against me. I’m not told that this was ‘political banter’ or mere politicking’ leading up to congress.”

She added: “The right and proper place to face these charges is in a court of law.

“It is now six months since I was expelled but, to date, no charges have been filed either at party or state level. I was never called to a disciplinary hearing.

“The law, as I have discovered, is used, not as an instrument of justice, but as a blunt weapon for silencing dissenting voices.”

Mujuru was expelled from Zanu PF along with several senior party officials, including cabinet ministers, over the alleged coup plot.

She has been linked to a splinter faction of Zanu PF bringing together the expelled officials and those still in the party but unhappy with the direction it is taking.

In her clearest indication yet that she is on board the proposed ‘Zanu People First’ project, Mujuru said she was ready to “serve the nation”.

She said she could imagine a new Zimbabwe where leaders “embraced its greatest asset, people first”.