Purges won’t weaken Zanu-PF: Mnangagwa

via Purges won’t weaken Zanu-PF: Mnangagwa | The Herald June 2, 2015 by Walter Nyamukondiwa

Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the expulsion and suspension of zanu-pf members who work to undermine the revolutionary party will not weaken it.

He said the party would not hesitate to expel or suspend those who try to cover their misdeeds by sloganeering.

Acting President Mnangagwa was addressing thousands of party supporters at Kajekache Secondary School in Hurungwe West constituency on Sunday to drum up support for party candidate, Cde Kieth Guzah, ahead of June 10 by-elections.

“We all say forward with zanu-pf, forward with zanu-pf like Christians when they pray (they say) Jesus Christ, Jesus, in the name of Jesus,” he said.

“Not all who say in the name of Jesus belong to Jesus and not all who say forward with zanu-pf are zanu-pf. They eventually come out in the open. When they come out in the open, zanu-pf will expel such elements and will not split.

“It will expel and expel every such individual. It will remain intact. Do you want to be found on the side of those who face the axe and are expelled from the party or you want to work with others to foster development?”

The warning comes at a time when the revolutionary party has expelled several senior officials and suspended many others as it cracks down on elements accused of plotting to illegally remove President Mugabe.

He said unlike the MDC formations which continued to disintegrate, zanu-pf was “like an elephant that is not perturbed by barking dogs” and will continue with its programmes to uplift the lives of people.

Turning to the by-elections, he said violence was not an option for zanu-pf as the party was a formidable political force that could win elections on the strength of its track record.

“We do not want violence, we are such a strong party, a revolutionary party, a people’s party,” he said. “We don’t want to hear about violence, what for?

“To fight against puppies! What for? We have the power, we have the majority, we have the numbers. We don’t need any violence at all. We need a peaceful election, a peaceful campaign. That is what our President wants and that is what God wants.”

Cde Mnangagwa said President Mugabe was a democratic leader who consulted widely to hear the concerns of people and also on possible solutions to their problems.

He said zanu-pf would continue taking the seats that MDC-T was “donating” by boycotting by-elections claiming that there is need for reforms.

He asked the people of Hurungwe West to forgive the party for giving them former MP, Temba Mliswa, saying he was a quarrelsome personality who brought disgrace on them.

Former political commissar, Cde Webster Shamu gave a slogan denouncing those against the outcome of the party’s December 2014 National People’s Congress and those who rebelled against the party and its leadership.

Mashonaland West provincial chairman Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi said the party was ready for the by-elections on June 10.

He said a lot of ground had been covered during the campaign through the electrification of schools, repair of roads and drilling of boreholes.

The rally was attended by political commissar, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, Senate President Cde Edna Madzongwe, Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Cde Douglas Mombeshora and Mashonaland West Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Cde Faber Chidarikire.


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    Translation: “Musarove vanhu. That’s so 2008, so old school. 2013 takarova vanhu? Ma-results anobikwa murunyararo. Regai kurova vanhu.”