Ex-minister electrified his home village

via Ex-minister electrified his home village 29 December 2014

THE recently fired Deputy Energy and Power Development Minister Munacho Mutezo arm-twisted ZESA Holdings into electrifying his Gudyanga village in Chipinge, it has emerged.

Mutezo and his former boss Dzikamai Mavhaire were fired by President Robert Mugabe after being implicated in an alleged coup plot by former vice president Joice Mujuru.

Information from ZESA indicates that Mutezo – who is MP for Chimanimani West – also ordered the power utility to stop billing the villagers until he advised otherwise, potentially prejudicing the company of significant income.

A source at the power utility said: “He (Mutezo) forced us to electrify every house in this village and told us to stop billing them saying they are poor and can’t afford to pay.

“He said by doing so (electrifying the village) he was showing his appreciation and thanking the people who groomed him to be where he is today as deputy minister.”

The source added that ZESA was also under instructions to similarly electrify former energy minister Mavhaire’s own village in Masvingo.

“The Senator for Masvingo, Mavhaire was even complaining that Mutezo ‘beat’ him to this and we were supposed to have moved and done the same at his Chiwaya village but unfortunately he was axed,” said the source

Mutezo was also accused by the state media of directing ZESA to fund former Vice President Mujuru’s faction of the ruling party as well as other Zanu PF activities.

According to state media Mutezo instructed ZESA to deposit $40,000 into a bank account belonging to the Manicaland Zanu PF women’s league.

The axed deputy minister has since denied the allegation saying his hands were clean.

NewZimbabwe.com could not get comment from the former deputy minister regarding the latest allegations as he was not picking his mobile phone.


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    Todiizvazvo 8 years ago

    Whats wrong with that, Muzenda tarred Masvingo,Mugabe tarred Zvimba, Johnso Moyo tarred Tsholotsho, Munangagwa built a 26 roomed mansion in Zvishavane,Chombo owns half of Harare,Kasukuwere destroyed UTC and refused to pay workers,Obert Mpofu owns half of Victoria Falls,stole 25 million and bought a bank(which is now broke,just to name a few.
    So for someone to give povo electricity this is quite noble!