FlyAfrica to launch 3 more airlines across Africa

via FlyAfrica to launch 3 more airlines across Africa | The Herald 30 December 2014

FlyAfrica said it will launch three more subsidiary airlines across the continent as it forges ahead with its revolution to provide a cheaper alternative transportation mode.

FlyAfrica this year launched two airlines, FlyAfrica Namibia and FlyAfrica Zimbabwe from which it has introduced a number of routes in Southern Africa, providing stiff competition for established carriers.

The airline, which is flying to destinations in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, said it is planning to introduce new routes next year.

“We have done this with two airlines, FlyAfrica Namibia and FlyAfrica Zimbabwe. In 2015 we will launch three more airlines. The low fare revolution in Africa will continue,” the airline said in its end of year statement, without elaborating on where the airlines will be operating.

“Next year we will add many more routes, including Beira, Durban, Kilimanjaro, Livingstone, Luanda, Lubumbashi and Maputo.”

The low cost airline said its entrance into the market had reduced prices of air tickets by around 70 percent.

“With your support we have lowered fares by 70 percent and even made South African Airlines reduce their fares for perhaps the first time in recorded history,” the airline said.

In Zimbabwe, FlyAfrica is not only providing stiff competition for the national airline, Air Zimbabwe, but has also put pressure on luxury coach operators.

The airline is charging less compared to luxury coaches for trips to destinations such as Victoria Falls. – New Ziana


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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Way to Go FlyAfrica. Good luck for 2015.

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    Daniel 8 years ago

    it would also be worthy to note that Dar es salaam is a route they should consider as there are many travelers going to Tanzania any given day.