Former minister ‘assaults’ messenger of court

FORMER Home Affairs deputy minister Rueben Marumahoko reportedly assaulted Karoi messenger of court, Stewart Sibanda Magudze, last Friday in protest over attachment of his farming equipment. BY NUNURAI JENA

Source: Former minister ‘assaults’ messenger of court – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 2, 2016

Magudze had attached a tractor, maize sheller and boom spray following the issuance of a writ of execution by the High Court to recover $5 835,33 Marumahoko owed to National Social Security Authority (NSSA) in workers’ contributions from July 2011.

Magudze reported the matter at Karoi police under case number CR125/04/16.

In March 2012, the High Court granted NSSA a warrant of execution for the attachment of property after Marumahoko, who owns Mshala Farm, failed to remit his workers’ monthly contributions.

From then, Marumahoko allegedly promised to pay NSSA through their lawyer Muchineripi and Associates, but he failed to honour his promises, prompting last week’s court action.

Miffed by the court action, Marumahoko allegedly followed the messenger of court to his Karoi office where he ransacked the office and later assaulted Magudze.

Marumahoko, who could not be reached for comment since last week, was now expected to pay $6 556,88 including commission and service fees.

The former Deputy Speaker of Parliament, who has since fallen on hard times recently caused a storm in his constituency when he remarked that people in Hurungwe North should not blame him for not coming back to the constituency since President Robert Mugabe has not done so as his election in 1980.

Marumahoko is among several ex-ministers and MPs who have fallen on hard times after leaving public office.


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    tonyme 8 years ago

    What should we expect? All the wealth was looted. They can’t sustain without more looting. Just the beginning. We are all on hard times. Welcome home.