Zimra garnishes Zanu PF activist Lumumba bank account

TROUBLE continues to haunt Zanu PF activist Acie Lumumba after his company’s business account was garnished by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) over non- payment of taxes since 2010. BY BLESSED MHLANGA

Source: Zimra garnishes Zanu PF activist Lumumba bank account – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 2, 2016

In a letter dated April 15, Zimra wrote to Lumumba asking him to provide details of his tax payments from 2010 and declare all outstanding taxes which he had not paid for the past five years.

Part of the letter read: “Note that you are also given the opportunity to voluntarily disclose any outstanding taxes that you have become aware of and pay accordingly.”

Lumumba told NewsDay over the weekend that before he could respond to the letter, Zimra went ahead and garnished his business account.

“They only delivered a backdated letter, so they garnished my bank accounts by default one day before we pay salaries. What type of a corrupt system holds a country hostage?” he queried.

Lumumba owns Meat Box, which reportedly employs more than 200 workers, whom he said could not get their April salaries following the garnishee order.

Lumumba, who recently claimed his Hatfield house was broken into, blames his woes on Indeginisation minister Patrick Zhuwao, who fired him hardly a week after appointing him chairman of the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment committee over misappropriation of funds recently.

He has accused Zhuwao of using powerful friends to try and silence him after he threatened to expose the minister’s alleged financial shenanigans at the ministry.

But Zhuwao denied allegations of corruption which were levelled against him by Lumumba.