Fresh call for transitional govt

AMID building pressure on President Robert Mugabe’s government a group of technocrats have come together to demand the formation of a transitional authority to steer the country’s administration towards democratic reforms.

Source: Fresh call for transitional govt – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 25, 2016


The Platform of Concerned Citizens (PCC) “is a group of like-minded Zimbabweans” who on Saturday said they have been meeting since October last year.

Fronted by academic Ibbo Mandaza, Thoko Matshe and Tony Reeler, among others, the group issued a statement warning the country was on the verge of implosion.

“We assert that, without urgent action, the country faces a real threat of serious social unrest and the probable collapse of the State, and we believe that pre-emptive action is necessary,” the PCC said.

The emergence of the PCC came hard on the heels of growing unrest, intermittent protests by civic groups and the recent rejection of Mugabe’s leadership by veterans of the country’s liberation struggle, events that have turned Zimbabwe into a political pressure cooker.

According to the statement issued following a meeting in Harare on Saturday, the PCC said elections under the current environment would be a waste of time, while a coalition government by elected parties will not help matters either.

“We are of the opinion that no election in the current political climate, whether called early or in 2018, can resolve the deep structural deficits in the state; and, in any event, no election without considerable reform of the State and the creation of a level playing field, can possibly lead to a legitimate outcome,” the PCC said in a statement signed by 25 well-known personalities including media mogul Trevor Ncube, Trevor Maisiri and human rights campaigner Brian Kagoro.

“The lessons of the GPA (Global Political Agreement) and the inclusive government (between 2009-2013) are fresh in the minds of all, and the absences of any genuine will to reform, the State doomed that initiative. In particular, and in the polarised nation that is Zimbabwe, we believe that no substantial reform of State institutions will be possible when one party owns the allegiance of all State institutions.”

Two opposition parties, the People’s Democratic Party and the MDC-T have also called for a national transitional authority to map the country’s future.

The PCC said it noted the recent statement by former freedom fighters, “but succession merely changes the players within parties or the government”.

It added: “Thus, we are of the view that only a national transitional authority, underwritten by the citizenry, the churches, the civics and the political parties, will be able to lead us through a period of key reform and economic stabilisation to genuine elections, and finally a legitimate government”.


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    Doris 6 years ago

    For as long as Zanupf have a foot in the door, nothing will change. Transitional government has failed in the past because the opposition was hoodwinked into believing they had control.

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    TJINGABABILI 6 years ago


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    Mutengesi 6 years ago

    1. the constitution needs to change first before elections and there is one which needs to be addressed and protect the country from runaway parties Zanu. The change in the constitution needs to ensure that Laws in Zimbabwe cannot be changed without at least 60% of governing party and 25% of Opposition, voting for the law in question.
    2. Governors needs to be elected and the above rule in 1 applies to governors as well.

    We are all trying to make our country better, Zanu already thinks it is there to serve its people not the country.