Grace slams Marondera council

Source: Grace slams Marondera council – DailyNews Live

Helen Kadirire      3 June 2017

HARARE – First  Lady Grace Mugabe and Zanu PF youth league leader Kudzanai
Chipanga yesterday castigated Marondera council for fixing potholed roads
only because President Robert Mugabe was holding a rally in the town.

Speaking at the Zanu PF youth rally in Marondera, Grace said
rehabilitation of the town’s roads was supposed to be done, even when
Mugabe was not visiting the town.

She warned the local authority, which falls under Saviour Kasukuwere’s
Local Government ministry, to refrain from covering up its shortcomings by
window dressing when the president is holding events.

Ahead of Mugabe’s rally yesterday, Marondera Town Council embarked on an
extensive road rehabilitation and maintenance exercise.

“This business of fixing roads when the president is being expected in a
city should stop,” the first lady said.

“Roads should be fixed all the time and not when Mugabe is coming. We
should be seen to deliver on that not only when we are meeting,” she said,
adding that “when people voted for us we made numerous promises to deliver
on their expectations. We do not want to be seen to act only when we want
votes. It should be happening daily and not on occasions”.

Youth league chairperson Chipanga weighed in saying when word got around
that the rally had been moved by one day, the town council worked day and
night to create an impression that the roads were well maintained, yet
that was not the case.

“There were so any potholes in Marondera, however, when we said … Mugabe
is coming here they were patched immediately. People worked day and
night,” he said.

“However, my argument is where were these people all this time? Did they
not see the potholes before the rally was scheduled for Marondera? That
should not happen,” Chipanga said, adding “that is why we are saying in
the next council the youths are coming for those positions in council. No
councillor is safe”.

Meanwhile, local authorities have been complaining that since Zinara took
over road management funds collection, it has not been remitting enough
money to them, resulting in the poor state of the infrastructure.

Most of Zimbabwe’s roads have become unnavigable due to the heavy rains
that the country received in the 2016/17 season, prompting the Transport
ministry to declare a state of disaster.

In response to the plight, government – through the Emergency Road
Rehabilitation Programme – has so far raised $35 million to rehabilitate
the roads damaged by the rains.


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    Grace used to hand over stolen goods to her followers she destroyed some homes in mazoe those people voted for zanu in 2013 ,if you gave Marondera council $1,5m for your ring then roads where not going to look old like Bob


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    Fallenz 5 years ago

    Yes, how can the roads be maintained when all the inputs to treasury have been carted away and shipped to off-shore accounts for all of the past 37 years..??? Once, before Mugabe and Grace were able to dip their fingers into the till, potholes were never allowed to exist, and even the graders were continually active smoothing bush roads. But now, magically, there are no funds for labor, diesel, or equipment maintenance. The Binga road is awfull, and the road north is only for 4×4 traffic. Shame..!

    Admittedly, most of the potholes north of Birchenough Bridge have been filled, and that is a major improvement that should be evidenced everywhere. It could be if Mugabe and his troupe of jet-setters were to stay home and tend to the business of caring for the nation. If Mugabe and Grace would return the billions they have stolen and squandered, the infrastructure could be salvaged in three years.

    Alas, they’ve proven they care less, as long as they can flaunt their wealth and maintain their sick lifestyle… and blame others for the sorry state of the nation and its captives. You see, it wasn’t a revolution at all… it was nothing about freedom for the people… it was a bank heist in disguise.