Grace turns executor for Cde Chinx house

Source: Grace turns executor for Cde Chinx house – DailyNews Live

Farayi Machamire      3 May 2017

HARARE – First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday stunned many when she turned
executor over the estate of wheelchair-bound Dick “Comrade Chinx”
Chingaira, allocating his Mabelreign home to his first wife – Patricia.

The veteran musician, who is visibly battling deteriorating health, was
flanked by his two wives Patricia and Ntombizodwa as the Zimbabwe Music
Awards (Zima) handed him  a recently-completed house he was promised three
years ago.

The musician, who had been discharged from hospital 24 hours earlier,
immediately pleaded with the first lady for his younger wife enquiring
what will be left for her.

“VaNyadzayo (Zima chairperson, Joseph Nyadzayo) you give me a big task,”
Grace said.

” . . . I don’t know Cde Chinx, you created this situation. But we don’t
want to leave here and hear that people fought after we left,” she said.

” . . . I see you are seated with a wife on either side . . . beautiful
wives . . . I am only a judge, judge doctor Mugabe,” she said igniting

“I am now giving my verdict. Cde Chinx, we know you are unwell . . . We
know you don’t want to disappoint one and make the other happy but we will
do that job for you.”

” . . . Ntombizodwa, you are younger than Patricia, so I want you to be a
girl that is well cultured. Cde Chinx loved you because you were
well-cultured. Knowing that we give respect to the eldest. Ntombizodwa you
came knowing what was here . . . So I am saying this house should be left
to Mbuya Patricia,” Grace said, igniting frenzy from the family faction
that was rallying behind Patricia.

An ailing Cde Chinx somehow found the strength to interrupt.

“Is there anything that has been planned for Ntombizodwa,” he said.

Grace went on to pass the buck to Nyadzayo, asserting he should find a way
to solve the impasse. Cde Chinx’s Mabelreign home was built at a cost of
over $100 000, said Nyadzayo, who showered praise on corporate players who
came on board with donations to build the house.

Zesa Holdings supplied everything to do with ensuring that there is
electricity in the house, while former vice president Joice Mujuru donated
bricks and commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri supplied police officers
who built the house, Nyadzayo said.

Musician Bob Nyabinde heaped praise on Nyadzayo saying his “selfless act”
was a gift to all musicians. The event was graced by other musicians
including Edith WeUtonga and Willis Watafi.


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    If zanu pf people had the slightest of hat fragile stuff that assists us to distinguish between good and bad, madness and sanity, etc., then by now they would have come to terms with the fact that their first lady is a mentally disturbed somebody who deserves to be committed in a high security mental institution. By allowing her to roam around, and worse still officiating at some official or social function, they are actually continuing to endanger her and society at large. Clearly, her level of insanity is now at a stage where she is a danger to herself and all of us. Earnestly, where I have you heard of a normal person anogova nhaka yemunhu mupenyu no matter the level of illness; and wausina vukama naye. Kupenga rudziyi munhu achishura kudaro? nxaaaaaaaa!