Graduates lack skills, says Professor Moyo

Source: Graduates lack skills, says Professor Moyo | The Herald August 5, 2016

Bulawayo Bureau

The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Professor Jonathan Moyo has said some unemployed graduates crying out for jobs lack the requisite skills needed by industry and commerce. In a speech delivered at the United College of Education’s 48th graduation ceremony yesterday, Prof Moyo bemoaned the churning out of graduates without appropriate skills by institutions of higher learning.The minister’s sentiments came a day after some unemployed graduates took to the streets in Harare demanding employment.

Prof Moyo said people without the correct skills were occupying key positions in the economy.

“A lot of people with key responsibilities across our economy have the wrong skills.

“And some of them don’t realise this. All they think they should do is to put their gowns and say ‘give us jobs’,” said Prof Moyo.

“And you ask, what can you do? Do you have the skills? Well, other people will look into that question such as my colleagues in the industry and commerce or public service.”

He said colleges and universities needed to review their curriculum in line with the economic expectations of the country.

“For us, it means that our higher and tertiary education institutions, science and technology must now review their curriculum and begin to develop the skills that our country needs for its industrialisation agenda,” he said.

Prof Moyo said the country’s industrialisation drive cannot be achieved if locals are not trained in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) subjects.

“Stem has become a very important focus of national policy. Primarily because His Excellency the President, first in our country as a natural expression of the Zim-Asset policy, secondly when he was the chair of Sadc, and, thirdly when he was (chair) of African Union, spearheaded a policy whose conclusion was that, a time has come for our country to industrialise and modernise.

The policy thrust and logical consequence of Zim-Asset is the industrialisation of Zimbabwe,” said Prof Moyo.


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    Just like you, brain-dead Moyo. “Prof Moyo says that people without the correct skills were occupying key positions…”

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    fixit 6 years ago

    “the requisite skills needed by industry and commerce”
    What does that mean in Zimbabwe, to be racist and corrupt?

    • comment-avatar
      Kevin 6 years ago

      It means nothing as industry and commerce are downsizing so fast that there are no skills needed

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    mugarbage 6 years ago

    Moyo himself and his boss Garbage have no skills. So we have these men in leadership of a whole country but lack the requisite skills to produce any meaningful development.

    Speeches. Speeches in English to hoodwink the people into believing we’re lead by intelligent leaders but all they do is mine sound bites that produce no wealth but poverty!

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    tonyme 6 years ago

    Professor Moyo you don’t seem coherent at all. By the way, you guys are preparing to send graduates for employment to other countries. Does that mean you plan to send unqualified people? This double talk does not help the country. People who finish college need to work. You as the minister need to spear up to curriculum and make it relevant. You can’t design poor educational structure then blame the students. It is failure under yourvwatch. You are so hing on trying to defend Mugabe that you can say any trash at the expense of the masses.

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    nelson moyo 6 years ago

    Jono Moyo still a wanted man for defrauding the Ford Foundation in Kenya of US$ 108 000 – thats what he is good at as a life skill !

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    Ella joy mwalamba 6 years ago are the tertiary education minister and u say thatwhta have u done to correct the situation.kumba chete.pfutseki