I fear for my life: Elizabeth

via I fear for my life: Elizabeth – DailyNews Live 1 September 2014 by Fungi Kwaramba

HARARE – Elizabeth, wife to former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, says her life is in danger and she no longer feels safe as she is being followed round the clock by people she suspects to have a sinister agenda.

In an exclusive telephone interview with the Daily News yesterday, Elizabeth, who is now into real estate business, claimed the continued surveillance on her movements is making her uncomfortable and she is now losing clients because of that.

“I am being harassed daily by these people who follow me wherever I go. I now do not know whether I am a Zimbabwean or not,” she said.

Married to the veteran opposition leader for two years now, she operates her own businesses which include real estate company, Royal Properties.

Elizabeth says she is an independent woman, who prefers to travel freely without the aid or protection from bodyguards.

“Apart from being married to a politician, I am just an ordinary Zimbabwean, yet I am being harassed. My clients are being harassed and I am now very scared,” she said.

She said one of her clients was questioned yesterday by some men who followed her to Tnywald, a suburb west of Harare.

“Some of these people are claiming to be journalists and they asked one of my clients what kind of business he was doing with the former prime minister’s wife.

“Today (yesterday), I was followed by four men who were driving a white twin cab vehicle. I had a scheduled meeting with a land developer and went to see her around 4 pm. I wanted to discuss business with her and the four men came in,” said Elizabeth.

Scared that something could happen to her, Elizabeth left petrified with her aid in tow, leaving the four men to interrogate her client.

Narrating her ordeal, Elizabeth said her husband Tsvangirai is equally worried by the unsolicited shadowing.

She said she had not yet reported the matter to the police because she had wrongly assumed that she would eventually shake off the goons stalking her.

Elizabeth said in July some of her clients informed her that they were being harassed for doing business with her.

“One of the clients we are doing business with works in government and he told us he could not proceed with the deal because he was being harassed,” she said.

Elizabeth said the surveillances have affected her businesses and life.

“I have a family and I am also an employer. If I cannot operate freely how do I pay my workers?

“I am now being forced to take from my own savings in order to help the workers who have families.

“Zvinotyisa kuti urikuteerwa. ( I’m scared at being stalked).  I am very independent and I do not want bodyguards. Hapana chinhu chinotyisa sekuziva kuti urikuteverwa. (It’s scary) I do not feel safe because now I do not know the reason behind all this. I am afraid because I do not know what could happen to me,” she said.


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    Don’t worry mama, tinoiita chigamba to chigamba.Vachikubatai chete isuvo tinavo vana van Makedenge ,Mazango nechimwe chikwata.We know vana vavo all their movements plus kwavanodzidza.

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    Kutyiwa kutyiwa 8 years ago

    Ah, vanodaro ngei? Musakwate amai, tinokuisai paHeroes Acre, even if it means exhumation wen HE leaves

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    This is the most evil thing ever government to spy on Elizabeth, all because she is married to a politician. That’s the most unfair thing to do. Leave her alone, she is not in the state house let alone is her husband the President. She has a life to live just like anyone else.

    It goes to show how selfish and despotic this regime is. Why stalk on her? You won the elections and you are running the show and so why worry of a nobody – Lizzy? This is disgusting. It’s good Elizabeth has gone public about this and you think you are smart??? Makajaidzwa.

    You were involved in Susan’s death, that much we know and it’s public knowledge and now you are after Elizabeth. Why? Munoda kuti Tsvangirai ananzve twumasvada twamudhara and kneel before him for forgiveness all because of leading the opposition. You will never do her down, instead you are blessing her hard work. Mbavha, mhondi is all you good at. Sucks…

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    Tanonoka Joseph Whande 8 years ago

    But of what more political value is she to ZANU-PF or any other party that they would follow her around when even her husband can no longer scare the rats in the house? She agreed to be used by politicians but her dreams were shuttered when elections were lost.
    Times have changed. The accolades and hero worshiping from foreign governments have dried up. The glitter is gone. Now she is stranded in a loveless, moneyless marriage and is itching to get out but papa has his own problems to waste time on that.
    Well, Liz, just pack up and leave – just like all other women do when they come to a dead end.
    You are complaining to a man who is powerless and who is being “followed around” by his own former comrades.
    You need not pretend to anyone because the next thing that is going to happen is that you two are going to hurt each other worse and embarrass the nation worse than ever before.
    Just go about your business, Madame. Just do your usual and not bother because there are thousands of Zimbabweans who are in real danger and who are being followed around for real and with deadly intentions. Real, not imaginary danger.
    No one is following you unless, maybe, Grace Mugabe is looking for a new conquest in your husband. And that one can do it.

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    The other thing she doesn’t seem to appreciate is that she’s implying this is a new phenomenon for her. That would then beg the question; ‘So why were you not being followed around on your own, when your husband was PM and more of a threat? Were you in cahoots with your ‘followers’ those days?’

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    Johno 8 years ago

    Whoever is shadowing Elizabeth s is evil. And the mastermind behind it Satan himself!Please stop your evil games.

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    Its only because other politicians are afraid of tsvangirai that s why they stalking his wife,to my brother Whande everybody is entitled to their opinion but i differ with you when you say tsvangirai whould not scare a fly,its a its a struggle to take zanu pf out of power, people take losing elections to zanu pf as a failure ,even tendai biti blames tsvangirai for loosing to Robert mugabe ,now he has got his own party is he going to win may be mr whande can help tendai biti win under these circumstances with zec being a stooge of zanu pf.