Zanu PF Hre emperor’s ‘head’ offends Bob

via Zanu PF Hre emperor’s ‘head’ offends Bob 31 August 2014

IT never rains but pours for Harare South MP and Zanu PF provincial commissar, Shadreck Mashayamombe.

The embattled legislator was Sunday dressed down by President Robert Mugabe for attempting to block his wife, Grace, from launching her fledgling political career from Harare.

The First Lady has been parachuted to become Zanu PF women’s league boss and was looking for a province to belong to ahead of her confirmation in December when Mashayamombe was linked to attempts to drive her to Mashonaland West province where her powerful husband hails from.

And as if that was not provocation too far, Mashayamombe flew into another storm Sunday, when Zanu PF Harare youth chair, Godwin Gomwe, accused him of attempting to hijack President Mugabe’s welcoming rally through distributing bales of T-shirts with his own face.

This was when scores of party followers thronged the Harare international airport Sunday morning to welcome the veteran leader, who was returning from a week-long state visit to China.

“This man called Mashayamombe brought not less than 500 brand new  T-shirts with his own face and started distributing them to youths and women who came to the airport to welcome the President,” Gomwe said, adding that he was “pained a lot” by the act.

Gomwe said Mashayamombe had grown bigheaded to a point of trying to size himself against the state president.

“We had gone to the airport to welcome the Head of State, not Mashayamombe,” he fumed.

“If they had brought the T-shirts from his constituency, it was going to be better but not to start distributing them right at the airport.

“It seems kuti musoro wake iye Mashayamombe ndiwo wakosha kupfuura musoro waPresident (He thinks his face is more important than the President’s).

“Ndipo pandiri agenest ipapo, pekuti vanhu vanotanga kutaura nyaya dzefactionalism ipapo, vanhu ngatiti kana taenda kunyaya yaPresident, ngatiitei zvaPresident, totaura zvaPresident, topfeka President, tonyara President (That is what annoys me the most. You then hear people claiming we are driven by factionalism. If the occasion was meant for the President, so be it).”

Gomwe continued: “What impression is he trying to give to the party’s leadership? I am very disappointed comrade.

“He should distribute his T-shirts in his own constituency. We have nothing to do with his constituency. He now thinks he is bigger than the party.”

Reached for comment, Mashayamombe was at pains to plead his innocence, adding that this was an elaborate attempt to soil his name ahead of the Zanu PF congress in December.

“Haa vakomana munoripotawo zvakanaka kwete kutiparadza (Hey, guys l plead with you not to continue casting us in bad light),” he said.

“Those were old T-shirts; people were wearing the President’s  T-shirts, not mine. Even my own T-shirts have the President’s logo. Hazvina zvazvinoshanda, ingorinyaya yekusvibisana chete (This is all about demonising each other).

“We are going for congress and mudslinging between the youth wing and the main wing from different provinces has become rampant. Some are pretending to be more sympathisers to some certain politicians; which is not good.

“We all support our President, no one will fight with our president but hey, nyaya dzecongress! Tibatsirei vakomana nguva yatasvika yakaoma. Zvakutoda moyo
wekutonzwawo kubatsira vamwe.

“Unongomuka wakandwa zvisirizvo (Please help us guys; we are now in difficult times. This period calls for your compassion. It’s now so easy to be denigrated for nothing).”

Mashayamombe further said Harare airport fell within his constituency and it was quite common to find people from the constituency donning his T-shirts.

As tensions continued to run high within Zanu PF, it also emerged that what had initially been a welcoming event organised by youths in Harare, was hijacked by senior party leaders.

The senior politicians, it is felt, were out to upset disgruntled youths who vowed last week to throng the airport on Mugabe’s return to report ambitious party officials who had turned vicious against youths they thought jeopardised their attempts to land top leadership positions come congress.

Mashayamombe admitted he took it upon himself to organise women and other party activists from the main wing to welcome Mugabe.


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    Roving Eagle 8 years ago

    This is the core problem with zpf. It is truly a party of imbeciles. The 90-year old fool has failed the party and country for over three decades yet the imbeciles are falling over each other to praise him. Normal people would not throng an airport to greet a failed leader arriving from a failed mission.

  • comment-avatar
    kutongwa nonjazi 8 years ago

    Unongonzwa kunyara soo. Mmmm iyi party iyi…it’s like a cult with satan himself directly involved. Nhamo yese irikuonekwa nevanhu kana basa nayo

  • comment-avatar
    rebel 8 years ago

    Those are real man, those who can call a spade a spade. There is nothing to celebrate for the return of the President from China. Well done Mashayamombe, that’s bravery. Not these idiots,unambitious ZPF youths who wants to be led by someone who is old.
    Youth yemadofo iyo. The right thing was to tell that President to go back to China without touching Zim soil.The revolution should start with the youth but the opposite is happening. Kupembedza mbavha nemhondi.

  • comment-avatar
    Loveness 8 years ago

    Iye mufana uyu ari pama one

  • comment-avatar
    Chiwoniso D 8 years ago

    Mugabe must be using Juju otherwise he would have been removed from power long back. Has vitually done nothing but looting the economy with Grace. Wish Sally had stayed longer.

  • comment-avatar
    Parangeta 8 years ago

    “Hit the cattle” Mashayamombe, welcomes
    Mugarbage back from a failed ‘begging bowl’

    Nothing but 9 or 10 ‘mortgage’ deals, with
    out resources promised against high interest
    loans that ZPF will never pay.

    Now Tsvangi will have to clean up the mess in
    2018, or hopefully before !

  • comment-avatar
    Johno 8 years ago

    These Zanu PF shenanigans are becoming more childish by the day. Give us a break!