If you become incapacitated, consider joining Paralympics or ZANU PF

My cousin brother was involved in a serious accident last week and all the legs had to be amputated. When I visited him at Parirenyatwa hospital, I brought him a message of hope, that there is an option of joining Paralympics or ZANU PF in future. I want to apologies before the readers, the purpose of this opinion is not to label or mock the disabled and Paralympics but the article seeks to support the view that ZANU PF party is incapacitated and therefore not able to lead Zimbabweans now.

Source: If you become incapacitated, consider joining Paralympics or ZANU PF – The Zimbabwean 28.07.2016

As I pointed out from my previous articles, ZANU PF has become a liability to Zimbabweans; it is the only party in the world which is under the control of the ‘living timeless’ (people above 75 years). The  only party on earth under the control of useless, sick and unproductive ministers like Shuvai Mahofa, Patrick Chinamasa, Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, Chombo, Mohadi among others.

ZANU PF is the only party on earth and other planets led by a 92 year old and it is beyond scientific verification that, a 92 year old can lead ‘mentally healthy’ people without rebellion. We are victims as Zimbabweans; Mr. R.G Mugabe has nothing to offer us and has brought suffering and misery among the Zimbabweans.

Let me start with Shuvai Mahofa, according to the media, Mahofa is no longer able to get to the second floor of her Ministerial building without support from body guards. They say, she often collapse. I am not against her and I feel for her, she should be given enough time to rest and not a ministerial post. This is a clear indication that, ZANU PF government is a party of sick and useless leaders. What is the contribution of Mahofa to us?

I don’t also want to forget the Psychomotor Minister Hungwe from Masvingo, he has become a liability and incapacitated to an extent of claiming that the ZANU PF leader was given to Zimbabweans by God. I am not against Hungwe but ZANU PF should accept that, they are torturing our grandfather. He should be given enough time to rest.

Zimbabweans are now confused, they do not know whether Chinamasa is the minister of finance or a ‘Minister of Finance & Uncontrolled Economic Misery’ (MFUEM). This man is on record claiming that he is the brains behind the use of multiple currencies in Zimbabwe, but the truth is, he has run out of ideas and the only solution is for him to retire from government and politics. Just like Mahofa (who cannot get to the second floor of her office without assistance), Chinamasa is no longer able to get to the 4th floor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe building and should therefore retire for the sake of Zimbabweans and his image. Minister Chinamasa, tell me, are you enjoying and celebrating working as a minister at this hour?

ZANU PF is capable of brainwashing people’s minds (even of intelligent professors). Professor Jonathan Moyo is now thinking like grade 7(seven) graduate, they call him a minister of higher education but doing nothing in that ministry. The education of Zimbabwe is being buried to the symmetry under his watch. His ministry should from today onwards be called ‘Ministry of Higher Uncontrolled Problems of Education’ (MHUPE). Please Zimbos tell me, what is Jonathan Moyo doing in that ministry? He should come to his senses and retire, imagine bonus for last year is not yet paid to his (university lecturers) but still calling himself a minister. Minister Moyo, tell me, are you feeling good with the current state of education in Zimbabwe?

Another problem is on minister Kasukuwere, he has reduced himself to be the Minister of MDC Controlled Urban Councils (MMCUC).  Zimbabweans are not proud of you Kasukuwere and your family should be ashamed with what you are doing to the Mayor of Harare. Please Minister, come back to your senses and retire now.

Police in Zimbabwe is brutalizing unarmed citizens but no word is coming from Kembo Mohadi. We are therefore forced to believe that, the police have the blessings of the minister. Mr. Mohadi should say a word or resign.

Way Forward

Zimbabweans, you should provide MIDONZVO (walking sticks) to our grandfathers and mothers in ZANU PF. We can’t afford seeing them falling (on duty) on daily basis. Please support me in this push; I am negotiating with Hon. Chamisa to introduce a bill in parliament which seeks to force all Zimbabweans in leadership (above 79 years) to use MIDONZVO where ever they go because we are embarrassed as a nation when ever they fall.  Send this SMS to HON. CHAMISA via any platform, ‘Taneta neKunyadziswa Midonzvo kuMadhara edu TAJAMUKA’


ZANU PF is a party of old, useless and brainwashed professors. Zimbabwe is in need of urgent change and therefore I call upon ZANU PF leadership to resign. If you are useless, you should therefore consider joining ZANU PF or ZPF. I want to salute Police Boss Chihuri for not brutally attaching the ‘ZANU PF unemployed youth’ who demonstrated (on 20-07-2016) against Pastor Evan Mawarire and the democratic Movement. It is my hope that, you shall extend the same privilege to the democratic forces because the peaceful demonstrations will only stop when ZANU PF handover power to the citizens.

The ‘unemployed ZANU PF youth’ should respect the constitution of Zimbabwe and there was therefore no need for them to counter a peaceful demonstration organized by the democratic forces against the evil regime. We do not want violence and do not think, your intimidations will silence the suffering Zimbabwean masses. This is the beginning of a peaceful struggle and you are definitely going to loose the struggle. ‘Taneta neKunyadziswa Midonzvo kuMadhara edu TAJAMUKA’ inga wani tiri kuvhotera kuti madhara enyu awane midonzvo!

Silas Memory Madondo is a lecturer and a Mixed Methods Researcher. He can be contacted via silasethan@gmail.com


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    Good article, written with feeling instead of the smug superiority shown by so many opposition politicians and their allies, but who are actually as dumb as Bob and his boys. Well done.

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    Mawelewele 6 years ago

    Mohadi is not police minister (Home affairs), but he is State security minister hey. G
    ood article though.

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    We Zimbabweans all have been incapacitated for the last 36 years by hyenas and parasites known to man as ZANUPF.

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    Chondoofira 6 years ago

    Ooh Lord God help us cross this red sea ahead of us that Miriam and others can sing songs of rejoice to you the ONLY TRUE GOD!!! AMEN!!!!!