Lack of funds cripples MPs

Source: Lack of funds cripples MPs | The Herald

Tendai Rupapa Senior Reporter
As the country goes for harmonised elections next year, most legislators have not contributed meaningfully in their constituencies due to lack of budgetary support through the Constituency Development Fund, Zanu-PF Chief Whip Cde Lovemore Matuke has said. CDF has helped legislators stir developmental projects in their constituencies in the past, even though others abused funds.

Resource shortage saw Treasury failing to provide the CDF this year.

In a interview with The Herald recently, Cde Matuke said some MPs had resorted to using their funds to develop their constituencies.

This exposes MPs who do not have deep pockets.

“MPs were supposed to receive CDF funds, but up to now nothing materialised,” said Cde Matuke.

“When they receive Government funds, as the chief whip, I go around assessing their projects, seeing how they are benefiting the community.

“Since the funds were not released, it has been difficult to hold them accountable for not doing anything towards community development.”

Cde Matuke said some legislators were even failing to visit their constituencies due to resource limitations.

“We cannot put a benchmark because most of them are using their own funds,” he said.

“For example, I personally ploughed in thousands of dollars from my pockets towards the construction of clinics and other various projects in my constituency (Gutu Central).

“I am building three clinics in my constituency which are almost complete. I also managed to install solar panels on most houses and I did all this using my own resources. Therefore, it is not fair for me to judge or whip other MPs because they might not have the capacity.”

Cde Matuke said some legislators were going out of their way to develop their constituencies.

“Given the current situation of shortage of budgetary support, most members are doing their best under difficult conditions to ensure the revolutionary party fulfils its promises to the electorate,” he said.