Live: Grace Mugabe is back!

Live: Grace Mugabe is back!

“I’ll be back” is a catchphrase associated with American film actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, which he first used in his role as the title character from the 1984 science fiction film The Terminator.

Source: Live: Grace Mugabe is back! – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 17, 2017

In 1990, in the film Kindergaten Cop,Schwarzenegger was to use the catchphrase, “I’m back!”, returning from the hospital to his kindergarten class in the ending scene.

First Lady Grace Mugabe might as well write her story, similar to that of Schwarzenegger, because after taking a sabbatical from her whirlwind countrywide rallies last year, she can now exclaim, “I’m back!”

We give you updates of her first rally, happening now in Buhera.

As we reported earlier, fear and trepidation has gripped warring Zanu PF factions following First Lady Grace Mugabe’s decision to resume controversial nationwide rallies amid concerns she could worsen an already fragile situation.
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by 12pm: Grace has arrived at the rally venue and party officials are making introductory remarks and sloganeering ahead of teh First Lady’s address.


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    Nyoni 1 year

    What really riles me is this Mugabe and co believe our country is their playground . We are their children . What kind of mentality is this.

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    Joseph Pamuli 1 year

    Zimbabwe politics is full of character asssination. From the early days of liberation zanu-pf lebelled Nkomo and Zapu a sellout who is responsible for the death of Chitepo. At independence Zapu and Nkomo was accussed to be serving the interests of apartheid south africa and distabilising Zimbabwe. Morgan Tsvangirai and Mdc was accused of fronting the interest of the white minority and a puppet. When Gibson and Ncube disagree with Morgan they were lebelled tribalist and accused of being CIO. When Simba started Mavambo, he was labelled a Zanu-pf project. Mutambara came on the scene despite his effort to reunite MDCs he was accused of diving the opposition vote despite the fact that he found MDC already devided and MDC-T scuttled the unit talks because of greedy and bad advisers. Now in recent Zimpf fallout Mutasa accused Mujuru as to be a CIO and Mujuru is also accuse Mutasa and Gumbo of being of the same. Tendayi Biti was is also not spared. Now new kid on the block ,Evan Mawarire has become a victim of same dirty smear campaign through social media. Zimbabwean, who is benefiting from such dirty campaigns. Ofcourse Zanu pf is major beneficiary. They are happy to see the opposition destroying each other and to have MDC –T to remain the biggest opposition as long as do not take the reigns of power. I believe Morgan Tsvangirai is a genuine opposition leader whose party is infested with CIO at the highest level. I subscribed to what Mutambara mentioned when he said that we a cut from the same piece cloth which is zanu. The country needs radical deZanu-pfnisation. We need to argue on facts and engage each other in constructive debates instead of name calling like queen bee, sellouts zanu-pf project or reactionary. They are people who are paid to attach aspiring opposition leaders through social media. No one party hold franchise to oppose Zanu-pf

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    Ngoto Zimbwa 1 year

    She might well be the joker in the pack and cause the dismantling of the ZANU monster.
    But I seriously doubt it, given the brain-dead state of most ZANU supporters who would vote for a corpse according to deGrace.
    There is also the question of the stranglehold ZANU has on everything in our country. Very frighteningly North Korea like.
    One hopes the Zimbo finally wakes up and sacrifices himself to the freedom of his children.