MDC looks beyond Mugabe

Source: MDC looks beyond Mugabe – DailyNews Live

STAFF WRITER      5 June 2017

HARARE – TheMDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai is drafting a new policy document
that it says will put the country on the recovery path once they form the
next government.

MDC vice president Nelson Chamisa told the Daily News yesterday that under
the new policy document that is dubbed Smart – the country’s main
opposition party details its programme of action once it is elected into

“This weekend the MDC leadership and stakeholders completed the drafting
of the alternative policy blueprint in a new Zimbabwe.

“We met over the weekend to sculpture and fashion new smart policies and
government work programme (GWP) to be rolled out once MDC forms and
becomes the next government in 2018 or earlier,” said Chamisa.

With the country mired by economic and social crisis highlighted by
serious cash shortages and poor standards of living, Chamisa who is
charged with supervision of policy and research in MDC said it is now
forgone that President Robert Mugabe and his government will lose the
keenly awaited 2018 polls.

“The party seeks to come up with smart new, updated, simplified and user
friendly policy proposals replacing the current Agenda for Real
Transformation (ART) policy document and JUICE which are now outdated.

“The MDC has an exciting raft of smart policy proposals and measures
designed to deal with the daily challenges and problems Zimbabweans are
facing. The policy project is an unassailable and credible alternative to
the current national decay and collapse.

“The alternative policy narratives have been developed in areas of
governance, the economy, infrastructure, devolution, dealing with
corruption, health, education, social interventions and citizen rights and
protection including foreign policy,” said Chamisa.

Critics say over the years the country has produced brilliant blueprints
that are, however, not being implemented.

Presently, Zanu PF is working on its economic blueprint code-named
ZimAsset which has, despite its high sounding objectives, proved to be a
hard sell as it failed to attract investment and unlock the country’s

“The document is now being circulated internally and among stakeholders
for further input and inclusive consultation by organs of the party in all
the provinces and districts.

“The document will then finally be approved and adopted by the national
council in due course. We call upon all interested citizens and
stakeholders to contribute their idea, views and aspirations as we
continue to enrich our policy blueprint to deal with the debilitating
crisis and deadening poverty our country is currently sweating under,”
said Chamisa.