MDC-T councillors appear before disciplinary hearing

SIX MDC-T councillors in the Masvingo City Council, including mayor Hubert Fidze, have appeared before a party disciplinary hearing over allegations of tender scams and corruptly allocating themselves numerous stands.

Source: MDC-T councillors appear before disciplinary hearing – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 23, 2016


MDC-T Masvingo district disciplinary committee chairperson, David Charirwe confirmed the six had attended the hearing last week, saying the verdict was not yet out. If found guilty, the councillors face recalling, leading to by-elections and the possibility of the opposition party losing its majority in the city.

“It is true, our councillors were hauled before the party disciplinary hearing over allegations of defying the party and corruption, among other allegations. They were represented by their leader in council, mayor Fidze.

“They gave their side of the story and a verdict will be out soon,” Charirwe said.

Fidze could not be reached for a comment yesterday.

However, party sources said shadow councillors and other party members interested in contesting for the incumbents’ seats could be behind the move to have them charged.

“While there may be a few anomalies, they could have been blown out of proportion due to power struggles in the party emanating from shadow councillors and others interested in contesting for such positions come the next elections,” a source said.

Recently, MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai called all party councillors to Harare for a meeting, where he reportedly read the riot act to them over allegations of corrupt activities within local authorities the opposition party runs across the country.