Red tape delays donations

Source: Red tape delays donations | The Herald November 23, 2016

Nqobile Tshili Bulawayo Bureau—

blankets donated for three hospitals in Bulawayo and Gwanda are stuck at the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority warehouse in Beitbridge due to alleged red tape.President of the South Africa-Zimbabwe Business Connect Mr Justice Maphosa said last August he sourced blankets for Mpilo Central Hospital, United Bulawayo Hospitals and Gwanda District Hospital, but they were stuck in a Zimra warehouse in Beitbridge due to alleged red tape.

Mr Maphosa said he sourced 1 000 blankets and an electric wheelchair for a Harare man, but he was now being forced to pay storage fees for the goods.

“It’s a bonded warehouse, and it’s expensive to keep them there. The expense does not bother me because we ship in stuff and it gets held there. But what really makes me sad is that it’s a donation for hospitals. It’s a donation for three hospitals: Mpilo, United Bulawayo Hospitals and Gwanda hospital. Gwanda got 200 blankets, UBH 400 blankets and Mpilo 400,” said Mr Maphosa.

He said he was facing challenges to get the goods cleared.

Mr Maphosa said red tape was stifling development.

“They take you from pillar to post. Today they need this document tomorrow they need that document. They seem to be less interest in getting them cleared.

“They’re looking for this document and that document. You’ll never know what exactly they need. There is always a new document that they need.

“We can’t treat a donation like that, we can’t treat investment wrongly. It’s a door that knocks once and it’s gone. If I was someone who is short tempered and short sighted I would have withdrawn those blankets and sold them back in South Africa and gotten my money back.”

He said delays in clearing the blankets were frustrating the other developmental projects they have in the country.

Zimra spokesperson Mr Canisio Mudzimu requested that questions be put in writing, but had not responded by the time of going to print.