MDC-T MP arrested over weekend assault

via MDC-T MP arrested over weekend assault | The Herald 5 September 2014

MDC-T Zengeza East legislator Alexio Musundire, who was wanted by the police for allegedly assaulting a fellow senior party official in Chitungwiza last Saturday, has been arrested. Sources said Musundire (45) was arrested on Wednesday and taken to Harare Central Police Station where warned and cautioned statements were recorded before being released.
He is expected to appear in court soon once investigations are completed.

The incident occurred at the MDC-T Chitungwiza provincial party offices located at Chikwanha Shopping Centre.
Musundire reportedly assaulted the party’s secretary for healing and reconciliation, Mr Bernard Mazhindu, during a meeting to restructure the party.

Musundire is alleged to have confronted Mr Mazhindu accusing him of sabotage.
He punched him and disappeared from the party offices.

This is not the first time the MP has been caught on the wrong side of the law. In 2012, he was accused of pointing a gun at his child’s friends in Harare.

At the time Musundire was accused of contravening Section 27 (b) of the Firearms Act Chapter 10:09, after he allegedly pointed a gun at four schoolchildren.

Prosecutor Joyce Sithole said the four had gone to Musundire’s Belvedere home where one of them wanted to give Musundire’s son a counter book.

Upon their arrival, it is alleged, the four met Musundire who turned them away, but left them at the gate.
The children are said to have started calling Musundire’s son, but he did not come out to meet them.

The four, according to the State, decided to leave before Musundire drove after them.
He allegedly confronted them and produced an Amadeo Rossi revolver, which he pointed at them threatening to shoot them.


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    Reverend 8 years ago

    How about arresting a few zanupf MPs, you know, the corrupt ones! It may look a bit better then,and you need to balance it out without showing that you are all one sided ninnys.

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    This is easier than arresting those who have run the country into the ground. Jokers

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    seems a little overdone. the gun had no bullets in my view if there was a gun.

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    Rickstone 8 years ago

    Warned , cautioned & released , kkkkkkkkk , but will happen if an ordinary citizen in Zimbabwe discharges a firearm & the case reported ? , I’m just asking , kkkkkk