MDC-T saved Zanu-PF from collapse, says Tsvangirai

via MDC-T saved Zanu-PF from collapse, says Tsvangirai – Bulawayo24 News. 8 September 2015

Former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has claimed that his MDC-T party helped Zanu-PF survive in 2008 by agreeing to be part of the inclusive government.

Tsvangirai was responding to questions whether he thought it was the right time to engage Zanu-PF and if you are invited for talks, will you compromise like you did then?
“In 2008, we put people first before even our own political considerations. We believed in the right of transition, but unfortunately we were disappointed in that Mugabe was not sincere.

“We helped the people, but we also helped Zanu-PF survive. Now we can’t go into a situation where we will help rescue Zanu-PF again.

“It is Zanu-PF that has to understand that you invite people to help you, but you say you go it alone, but you know you can’t go anywhere,” he said in excerpts of the interview gleaned from NewsDay.

He added “So when you invite us, first and foremost, we are not going to reject any discussion, but it must be based on principle and the principle is we have to implement reforms and once all the reforms are there, we can then talk of an election that has to produce a government that has a full mandate nationally and internationally.”


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    when the history books are written, they will show that morgan was mugabe’s best friend. and here he is admitting that he saved zanu pf from collapse. this is perhaps not an admission that will endear him to those who have had more than enough of mugabe’s misrule.
    in the gnu, morgan bailed mugabe out time and again;
    he let him off the hook time and again, and he barely extracted a single concession in exchange.
    his final act in power was to lead his party to electoral defeat for the third time in the complete absence of a voter roll !!!!!!
    nikuv may have rigged the election, but morgan collaborated completely.
    it seems that morgan is either undercover cio – a rather unlikely prospect, or he is extremely naive.
    either way, he is not a suitable national leader.

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    Collin Mackenzie 7 years ago

    What a hip of bull,this man talks alot of rubbish.
    If he was that good where is he today black man under white skin

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    Chanisa 7 years ago

    The little 100-page book “From dictatorship to democracy” advises against negotiating with a dictator for a dispensation that has nothing to do with the dictator. Claims of helping the people are hollow coming from one who got a house from the establishment he was fighting. By being so eager to participate in government rather than sticking to principles, the MDC has wisened ZanuPF to how best to manage the opposition. They have made it harder for the electorate to look past their flawed characters to what was a viable manifesto; and it doesn’t look like a credible opposition leader is coming any time soon.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    chimusoro 7 years ago

    Morgan-What an arsehole you are!