Defiant Mujuru hunts Mugabe

via Defiant Mujuru hunts Mugabe – DailyNews Live 8 September 2015

HARARE – Ii is now officially game on between President Robert Mugabe and his former long-serving deputy, Joice Mujuru, after the popular widow of the late liberation struggle icon, Solomon Mujuru, gave written notice yesterday that she would be taking Zanu PF head-on in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

This means that as previously predicted by the Daily News, a political thriller of epic proportions — if Zanu PF does not typically resort to violence to retain its iron grip on power — is on the cards in the 2018 polls, with the indefatigable former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his re-awakening main opposition MDC also strongly in the mix.

Mugabe’s warring party split into two bitterly-opposed formations at the end of last year at the height of its internal ructions, with its purged liberation struggle stalwarts moving to initiate the re-establishment of the “original” Zanu PF — which uses the slogan People First. In a statement yesterday, announcing her political outfit’s Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build) in the country, Mujuru assured her supporters that she had been hard at work since her last statement in early June in which she savaged the post-congress Zanu PF and apologised to Zimbabweans for the mistakes that she and her erstwhile colleagues in the ruling party had made since 1980.

“I wish to share with you, in brief, how we propose to translate our vision for a better Zimbabwe into reality, through the proposed Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development,” she said.

Moving to distinguish People First from the post-congress Zanu PF, Mujuru said their policies would be informed by a desire to see Zimbabwe move forward as a proud member of the international community; a determination to create a just and equitable society in which all people would be treated equally in line with the founding principles of the liberation struggle; and a desire to see the country grow and create equal opportunities for all.

“Zimbabwe must move forward, economically, socially and politically. Let us BUILD Zimbabwe together,” she implored Zimbabweans, adding that the country belonged to all the people who called it home, regardless of colour, creed, disability, gender, race or religious background.

“Together we can BUILD Zimbabwe into a modern democratic State, with a vibrant economy where every citizen is responsible for peace, freedom, democracy and can prosper,” she said.

Explaining for the first time in detail what People First stood for, Mujuru said, “We are national democrats, guided by the values of the liberation struggle, of self-determination, self-dignity, self-pride, expressed through the adoption of market-driven policies under a constitutional democracy, with the State acting as a facilitator and regulator to allow for a level playing field and to provide equal opportunities for all”.

Getting into the details of their policies, she said the civil service would be apolitical under the party, which would promote meritocracy and professionalism. Crucially — at a time that ghost workers are a major problem for the State — People First would commission a biometric skills audit to inform an effective manpower planning and development strategy, and to ensure effective service delivery.

“We shall clearly define the roles of ministers, deputy ministers and heads of ministries. We shall promote accountability and transparency by giving the Auditor-General more resources and authority to initiate or recommend criminal prosecution.

“We shall encourage and promote a “small but effective” government structure. We shall review the State Procurement Act in line with international best practice and BUILD, in order to ensure transparency, timely delivery on national projects and value for money.

“We shall ensure that Government’s role is to facilitate, promote and regulate a level and sustainably stable economic playing field. We shall establish as a think-tank, a Presidential Economic and Advisory Centre for Excellence (Peace), made up of experts from various sectors, to advise, assist, comment on and support government policy formulation, implementation and review,” Mujuru said.

In terms of democracy and human rights, she said People First supported a free press, stating unequivocally that they would repeal the hated and misnamed Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa) which was passed in 2002 and later used to unjustly shut down the Daily News for nearly eight years in September 2003.

They would also review the licensing criteria under the Broadcasting Services Act, allow diasporans to vote, acknowledge dual citizenship, repeal the Public Order and Security Act (Posa) and replace it with a modern legislation that would be in line with the Constitution, align the Criminal Code Codification and Reform Act to the Constitution, and amend the Electoral Act to “FULLY comply with the Constitution’s provisions and requirements”.

On property rights, they would enforce, promote, and respect property rights and address historical compulsory acquisition through fair and transparent compensation. They would also respect and uphold the rule of law by treating all people equally before the law,

“All political leaders should be accountable to PEOPLE FIRST and observe State laws. We want  our political leaders to be honest, have integrity and be trustworthy,” she said.

Turning to economic issues, she said her administration would engage bilateral and multilateral creditors and commit to a debt resolution strategy tied to the party’s socio-economic development initiatives under BUILD.

“A wholesale review of the Indigenisation Act will be effected. We shall emphasise economic empowerment that attracts investment and promotes the broad based socio-economic and infrastructure development objectives of BUILD,” she said.

On land, she said all people who called Zimbabwe “home” shall be entitled to access land and participate in its sustainable utilisation. They would also rationalise existing farm sizes in line with agro-economic regions and production capacity.

With regards to mining, People First would make mining legislation investor friendly, in line with International Best Practice under BUILD, and they would “ensure that the proceeds from the extractive sector flow to the people”.

On the key security sector, she said while they recognised and respected the role of the sector in fostering law and order, and maintaining peace and security in Zimbabwe, they would ensure that the security establishment was apolitical.

Commenting on Mujuru’s prospects in politics, senior researcher for Southern Africa for Human Rights Watch Dewa Mavhinga told the Daily News recently that the fact that she had been a minister for 24 years and a vice president for 10 years, meant that she had a significant following within Zanu PF and across Zimbabwe generally.

“Most of those fighting and opposing her in Zanu PF are mafikizolos (Johnny-come-latelies) who have no support base in Zanu PF and who rely on smear campaigns, violence and the use of sections of the security forces to bulldoze and impose their will upon Zanu PF structures.

“If Amai Joice Mujuru is given a fair chance in the absence of persecution and harassment, then it can be said with fair certainty that she is a front runner in an open, democratic process,” he said.

“But opposition forces are better off coming together to form a grand coalition to push for democratic reforms ahead of 2018,” Mavhinga added.

When Mujuru made her last statement in June, in which she savaged Mugabe’s post-congress Zanu PF and also apologised to Zimbabweans for mistakes that she and her erstwhile colleagues in the ruling party had made since 1980, it put the cat among the pigeons within the ranks of her Zanu PF enemies.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News then that the statement had rattled senior party bigwigs who had assumed that she no longer had the stomach for a fight and higher political ambitions after she was brutally purged from both the post-congress Zanu PF and government together with a coterie of her most loyal supporters.


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    “eagerly anticipated 2018 national elections” – I am not so sure shamwari.
    most zimbabweans seem to have zero faith in elections, and with sound reason:- they do not deliver credible democratic results.
    its is insanity to do exactly the same thing over and over and expect a different result each time. and so it is with national elections.
    with mugabe and mudede (or a pliant zec) at the control panel, no-one sane expects a different outcome.

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    Rwendo 5 years ago

    As holds true for countries like Mozambique and Angola, there are very limited ways to remove a liberation war movement party, like Zanu PF, that has established a partisan army, police, intelligence organization and judiciary at independence. An opposition coalesced around former guerilla leaders and breakaway members from the ruling party is one such golden opportunity. (The increasing economic chaos before the miscalculated GNU in 2008 was another rare, wasted opportunity – in that case for the MDC.)

    The key factor this time will be if a critical mass of key, respected members within Zanu PF’s leadership has the courage to buy into this initiative; that is Mai Mujuru’s major challenge. (As it was for Simba Makoni.)

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    CAN’T any body see this is Mugabes succession plan going into action and everybody is falling for it hook line and sinker If (spill blood )or what ever her name is gets to be PRESIDENT we can all forget about the accountability of the previous government (THE LAND THE ATROCITIES THE MURDERS THE CORRUPTION EVERYTHING WILL BE FORGIVEN AND FORGOTTEN)and continue that is exactly what our present leader WANTS.Don’t be fooled SHE is a carbon copy and is trying to say the right things now( WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES YOU GULLIBLE FOOLS )

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    This is the end of Zanu pf only if we manage to reach 2018.I forsee a situation whereby the partisan arms of state will declare marshall law,knowing very well they won’t survive 2018 elections.It’s gonna be messy Cdes i tell you.

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    Raymobd Utsiwegota 5 years ago

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. I hope the denigration and derogatory massage she heaped on Dr Joshua Nkomo haunts and hounds her still. Now she waxes lyrically about zanu pf commissions and omissions when she was part of the system until fairly recently. This is just but a question of sour grapes. the purported selflessness to serve Zimbabweans is nothing but a thin veil of cosmetics, considering that she is trying to deprive some of General Mujuru’s children of their birthright through hook and crook.

    To me, this woman is just an uncouth person who should be entertained at own peril lest she claims to be one’s mother or worse still, wife, like she did to the General.

    I dare you to print my comment.

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    GURUNDORO 5 years ago

    What is it that she is going to do now considering that she has been in the same government for the past 34 years. She is cut from the same cloth. Let her go away and enjoy her ill gotten wealth.

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    Rockstone 5 years ago

    When there is a cheetah , tiger ,jaguar& a leaorpard , what makes their prey to continuously think they are after them?& the prey knows very well that these predators are from the same family (cat family) .mai Mujuru is still a proper ZANU she had been part of this disastrous part , imagine what could have happened if she was successfully elected to be the next presidential candidate at their previous congress ?, automatically she could be now a real &pure ZANU ,so my question is ;what will make people of Zimbabwe have trust on her?, people know very well that she had been a key factor in a mechanised oppressive regime since 1980, till the time she claimed she was fired by her boss ,she must not forget that she is still putting on the same leopard skin , she wore before .People don’t have trust in her leadership & their deceiving blue print ,if they really fought for the liberation of our country , why did she not advocated to liberate the suffering mass of Zimbabwe for this past 15 years ? , Mai Mujuru must devoured what she reaped from her masters ,not to fool around people by their people first antics , no, no, no. History will always bear memories to the people of Zim