Meet the woman who embarrassed Mugabe in Nigeria

via Meet the woman who embarrassed Mugabe in Nigeria – Nehanda Radio 1 June 2015

Meet Sahara TV presenter Adeola Fayehun. She is the hilarious host of the satirical show “Keeping It Real Adeola”. This week she confronted Zimbabwe’s 91-year-old globetrotting president Robert Mugabe during the inauguration ceremony of President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja, Nigeria.

Adeola’s male companion first had a quick one-on-one conversation with Mugabe upon arrival in his car to the Eagle Square, venue of the inauguration event, but that didn’t last as his aides hurried him down to take a seat in the event.

It was then Adeola’s turn to encounter Mugabe as he made his way to leave after the event. She followed him and pressed for an interview to ask about any plans to step down from power and allow real democratic elections in Zimbabwe.

“Mr President don’t you think its time to step down sir?” Adeola asked Mugabe. “Is there something like a term limit” she asked.

“When will there be change in Zimbabwe just like we are having in Nigeria?” she went on.

“Are you happy to be in Nigeria?” “When are you stepping down?” “How is your health?” “How do you feel about the fact that you are in Abuja to witness a democratic handover of power when there is no such in your own country?”

Confused members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) close security unit looked clueless on what to do and could only shout in Shona saying mirai, mirai (wait, wait).

Adeola is not new to Zimbabwean politics.

Last year she produced a hilarious skit making fun of First Lady Grace Mugabe’s controversial PhD that she allegedly acquired within three months of enrolling at the University of Zimbabwe. Adeola pointed out how Grace Mugabe claimed to have a masters’ degree in Chinese and yet she could not speak Chinese.

“In Zimbabwe you can bag 6 PhD’s in one year” she said making reference to how the First Lady had taken only three months to get her PhD.

“If any of you are trying to get a PhD, Zimbabwe is the place to go. In fact I don’t know why all my Zimbabwean friends don’t have a PhD? You must learn from your madam. As for me even though I am not from Zimbabwe, I am a Lagos girl, I am very sharp, I already enrolled myself, by the time you see my next episode you might be looking at Dr Adeola, you get what I’m saying?”

Adeola Fayehun grew up in Nigeria where she had her elementary, secondary, and a brief University education, before moving to the U.S. She received her BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from Olivet College, Michigan, in 2007.

She also received her masters in broadcast journalism from the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism in December 2008.

Adeola is presently the host of “Keeping It Real With Adeola,” a weekly satire show on African politics on SaharaTV, as well as a foreign correspondent for THE NATION newspaper in Nigeria.

She says that her goal is to make people care about African news. She believes everything can become exciting, even news!