Ministry lies about stats

via Ministry lies about stats – The Zimbabwean 15 July 2015

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is alleged to have been doctoring economic growth statistics to give a favourable image of the country’s finances, a renowned researcher has said.

Dr Solomon Mungure, a lecturer in the Institute of peace, leadership and governance at Africa University, told the recent Provincial Mining Indaba here that it did not make sense for the ministry to release statistics indicating that the country had recorded growth at a time when its industrial sector had virtually collapsed.

“Economic growth is said to have slowed to three percent in 2014. Technically this means of the $100 that Zimbabwe has, they managed to add three more dollars. When I saw this I looked for officials at the Ministry of Finance to explain how they got that three percent when companies are collapsing. Here in Mutare, almost all the companies have closed, so where did you get your three percent?” Dr Mungure questioned.

He said he was reliably informed that the officials were forced to doctor the stats to give a positive image of the economic outlook. “They told me that they are forced to say some of the things to give a reflection that the economy is not sinking,” he said adding that “But what does this help us with as a country?”

Dr Mungure has conducted several research projects and published several books on the mining sector.