Moyo now ‘president’, Grace using n’angas

Moyo now ‘president’, Grace using n’angas – NewZimbabwe 18/02/2016

WAR veterans’ leader Chris Mutsvangwa hit out at higher education minister Jonathan Moyo Thursday, claiming the G40 driver and strategist had effectively become Zimbabwe’s president.

The war veterans minister also suggested that Grace Mugabe was likely under some spell, saying the First Lady was consulting spirit mediums in the increasingly bitter fighter over the succession of her 92-year-old husband.

Grace and her G40 allies appear determined to stop vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa – who is backed by the war veterans – from taking over after Mugabe.

But Mutsvangwa was speaking under the influence – of teargas.

Police had fired teargas and water cannon to disperse hundreds of war veterans planning a march on the ruling Zanu PF party’s headquarters.

Riot cops beat up the former fighters as they tried to gather at the Harare City Sports Centre, forcing them to splinter into smaller groups at a nearby open ground.

Another posse armed cops kept watch on the ruling party headquarters in the city centre.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba said the planned gathering had not been authorized as required by the law.

“They only came today with a notice to notify the regulatory authority of their meeting,” said Charamba.

“The law also criminalises those who fail to give notice to the police.”

Mutsvangwa retorted: “We do not need any permission to gather; and it is in our constitution so why is the state machinery (police) at play here?” asked Mutsvangwa.

Influence of the occult

And at a press conference held in the capital later Mutsvangwa held little back, claiming Grace Mugabe was under the influence of occult powers.

“There is a mystical movement going on in the party, which is totally an anathema to the revolution,” he charged.

“It is against the religious beliefs because if you get these mystical people in a secular State then you are now having an equivalent of ISIS in Zimbabwe.

“That is where we are going with this kind of occultism which (Manicaland minister) Mandi Chimene is propounding.

“This kind of mystical behaviour get audience in the wrong places and it drives some Politburo members. It is unacceptable.

“They are even trying to find out who were the traitors to Mbuya Nehanda, among the people living today.”

Blaming Moyo for the police attack on war veterans, Mutsvangwa said the higher education minister was now running the country.

Moyo now president

“Jonathan Moyo will stop at nothing to lie to culminate, obfuscates his background,” he said.

“He was anticipating this violence. We assume police chiefs in Mat North and the one in Harare probably listened to Jonathan Moyo and were getting orders from Jonathan.

“He has become de-facto member of the Executive of this country. From nowhere he has become the executive.

“Jonathan does not need to be elected, but he anoints himself, then he gets the occult of Mandi to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe accept him.

“This is the incestuous relation between the occult and a drive for power which has no basis except for a mystical belief in himself. A professor consorting with the occult of Mandi?”

The war veterans chief continued: “I assume that when he was boasting he knew the deployment of the police he knew the result of today.

“He must have contrived, wished it and propelled it. So, we now have a situation where Jonathan has become de-facto the Executive.

“We call upon the President as fellow revolutionaries, as loyal people, to take back his powers from this mystical man.”


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    It’s called 1-centre-of-power guys. The sooner all ZANU PF idiots, especially O-vets, realize it the better. In fact, 1-centre-of-power is 1-centre-of-power. It doesn’t matter whether the 1-centre has wrestled the power through a bedroom coup or what – bottomline is it is 1-centre-of-power.

    In short, those who call themselves “war vets” (when in fact they are “O-vets” should know that they have no loci standi to argue with the 1-centre-of-power that they anointed on the first place. They should just shut up, and concentrate on jumping as high as their little energy can still take them whenever the 1-centre-of-power demands them to.

    Handei tione. Regayi vakafa vavigane. After all, these quarrelsome o-vets always tell that “they died for this country”. Accordingly, and by their own admission, all O-vets are moving copes. KKKKKKKKKKK. VIVA ONE_CENTRE_OF POWER!

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    Muri mboko mazanu p,f still living in the past we will obliterate yur party ideology and affliates from this country pasi with all retrogressive forces nvammugabe venyu very soon new power is coming wtch the space wurayanai mufe now u see kti u cnt control the state

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    Langabi Shakespear Ngomane 6 years ago

    Jonathan Moyo is in Higher education so, how could he have ordered the cops to tear gas war vets?