MP storms out of Parly in protest over dust

AN asthmatic opposition MDC-T legislator has complained over the stuffy stench obtaining in the National Assembly and called on Parliament staff to urgently address the issue, saying the environment was causing her breathing problems.

Source: MP storms out of Parly in protest over dust – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 22, 2016


Bulawayo East MP Thabitha Khumalo raised the issue last Thursday, saying carpets in the building were carrying dust.

“Madam Speaker, I realise that this Parliament is taking other people’s health for granted because I am asthmatic and you are denying me as an MP a chance to sit in this House,” Khumalo said.

“I cannot represent my constituency because I am failing to breathe. Do I have a right to have my health protected? I am asking your good office to please clean this Parliament because some of us are asthmatic and cannot breathe,” she said.

Deputy Speaker, Mabel Chinomona did not respond to Khumalo’s point of order, and when Zanu PF MPs fiercely interjected to her presentation, Khumalo stormed out of the House.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly has ratified the protocol on the Sadc Tribunal, which was brought before the House by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as opposition MPs cried foul saying they were not given a chance to study the protocol.

Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Maridadi and Harare Central MP Murisi Zvizwai (MDC-T) referred to Mnangagwa as “President-to-be”, as they argued that he (Mnangagwa) was being arrogant by not giving MPs time to study the protocol before bringing it to Parliament.

“The VP must not be arrogant, as a President-in-waiting to try and push this motion without giving MPs time to study it,” Maridadi said.

Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross (MDC-T) also raised similar complaints.

“The tribunal proposed is going to be the highest court in the region, and the first case to be heard is likely to be a dispute between South Africa, and Zambia versus Zimbabwe on Statutory Instrument 64 because it has damaged inter country trade. We might actually be the first case to be heard by the tribunal,” Cross said.

But Mnangagwa said minute cases like issues of statutory instruments will not be heard by the tribunal.

“This is a protocol of 15 States in Sadc agreed during the 34th session at Victoria Falls, and if 10-member States ratify it, the protocol will go into operation,” the VP said, before it was ratified by the House.