Mugabe clueless, desperate – war vets

ZIMBABWE Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWA) has dismissed President Robert Mugabe’s meeting with former collaborators, describing it as a desperate attempt by a “caged leader” to solicit support ahead of the 2018 general elections.

Source: Mugabe clueless, desperate – war vets – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 21, 2016


Mugabe, at the weekend, met with the war veterans, war collaborators, ex-detainees and ex-restrictees, among other stakeholders, following months of a tumultuous relationship with the former combatants.

The meeting was viewed as an attempt to close ranks with his often-trusted pillar of support after the war veterans threatened to sever ties with the veteran leader, ordering him to dump G40, a Zanu PF faction said to be opposed to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ascendency in the fluid succession race.

But ZNLWA chairperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa, who was attacked by Mugabe during the meeting, said this reflected how “clueless” Mugabe has been.

“Clueless, all for nothing and all too late,” he told NewsDay yesterday.

Mutsvangwa said Mugabe failed to address any of the issues raised during the meeting.

ZNLWA spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya weighed in, saying war collaborators should be wary of being used by a desperate Zanu PF regime.

“They should ask themselves why they are being remembered now after 36 years, what has happened that Mugabe now wants to meet them and discuss what concerns them, that’s a question any reasonable person should ask,” he said.

In the meeting, which later turned into a platform for endorsing Mugabe’s presidential candidacy in 2018 and a demand for gratuities, Mugabe ducked nearly all the concerns raised by the war collaborators.

The war collaborators told Mugabe that they were unhappy with the neglect they had suffered at the hands of the government and selective application of the law.

Jabulani Mbeti, speaking on behalf of the thematic committee on statutory benefits, demanded that Mugabe’s government pays them gratuities, just as it had war veterans.

“Only war veterans received gratuities, yet the Constitution provides that we are entitled to the gratuities,” he said.

Mbeti said his committee wanted Mugabe to put them on medical aid cover and establish a medical centre, which would treat them and their children.

Political analyst, Eldred Masunungure agreed with the ZNLWVA, saying Mugabe was under siege and had turned to the war collaborators in a bid to build an electoral alliance ahead of the 2018 elections.

“Mugabe’s intention was to construct a broad electoral alliance, especially in light of the fact that the war veterans are no longer a reliable pillar. He is clearly under siege and now turning to other elements with liberation war credentials to influence the electorate,” he said.

Masunungure said Mugabe had dodged attacks on his political commissar and the other Young Turks in the party because he still needed their support in the next election.


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    Ndonga 6 years ago

    A desperate cry from a now powerless and decrepit old bully, trying to win back support from his so called veterans, just so that he can ride for a few more years on his gravy train. All of them have had their chance to show that they were decent, answerable and honest, but they failed miserably.

    Get off the gravy train you old fool, and be sure to take all your thugs with you. You have all long passed your station. Perhaps then us Zimbabweans can enjoy the decent lives that we deserve.

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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    The master TACTICIAN at it once more!!!

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    Nyoni 5 years ago


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    I am Gods Servant David – Isaiah 55. God said to me “…I am keeping Mugabe ‘just warm’ for you {to execute}.”
    God is clear that Mugabe would not stand down. “That people thinking he will roll over naively mistaken.” The people are not like minded like a ruler, they think like a sheep, not a lion. God continued of the Zimbabweans “all they needed was a good ruler and they will be content.” Also “They will get you to pray for them for some rain. I will give them “just enough rain” in answer to your prayer “just enough rain so they can eat “they are not worthy of a Blessing!”” The context God put this is in my current status as his Spokesman. Not of any power to send in an army. As I wanted to do the job properly and purge all the corrupt but God said the Zimbabwean people would quickly turn saying “Who are You! Who are You!” Meaning “Whats this, a white man coming in our country shooting blacks!” Yous wouldnt see it as cleaning corruption. {the more corrupt a nation the more backward it is} I said to God “what about his wife” as I wanted to send a message to woman. {‘Behind every great man there had to be a great woman’}. God said “…yes, I will give you his wife too.” God said he is handing over nations to rule with a rifle! God said he would do things “in threes as a sign.” As he is bringing the end through me. God said New Zealand {my home country are contempt and hes going to punish them, mainly when I leave the country, drying it up and bloodshed with the Maoris – God “WHEN Y-O-U L-E-A-V-E T-H-E-N THE BLOOD WILL FALL”}. The “THREE COWS ON A DIRT ISLAND” after the recent earth quakes and many other signs is why I am going to Israel to “return to my God!” SO, if yous have suffered enough as one people, that support is overwhelming enough that I may put Mugabe “out of his missery” based on Gods word – then I’ll pay a visit. “Or do yous need to suffer some more Zimbabwe.” Gods vision to me is writen from beginning of posts on a blog Truth33 under Godshenchman. See copy this message and pass it around your people as the time frame is short – and as a Real Prophet my funds are limited!

    A Prophet is never honored in his own country!
    David Jackson. Gisborne. New Zealand.

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    Viva Mugabe viva.