Zanu-PF provinces meet ahead of indaba

Source: Zanu-PF provinces meet ahead of indaba | The Herald November 21, 2016

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Zanu-PF provinces will tomorrow hold inter-district conferences to adopt resolutions that will be used to formulate the agenda for the revolutionary party’s conference next month. The 16th Zanu-PF Annual National People’s Conference will be held in Masvingo from December 13 to 17. Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Ignatius Chombo yesterday said that all was set for the provincial gatherings.He said Politburo members would preside over the meetings.

“The provinces are preparing to come up with provincial packages of resolutions as well as provincial reports,” he said. “We expect the resolutions to capture the people’s desires, and we have done it in a way that everyone from the cell level is involved in the process. All sectors of the economy will be captured because this is what affects people most.”

The provincial resolutions will be used to enrich the Central Committee report that will have the issues to be discussed at the Masvingo conference.

Ahead of tomorrow’s meetings, party districts met last weekend and resolutions made included the endorsement of Zanu-PF First Secretary President Mugabe as the party’s sole candidate for the 2018 harmonised elections.

The districts, among other issues, also called for the need to punish officials fingered in corruption and deal with cadres who continue taking party issues to social media. Zanu-PF Midlands acting provincial chairperson Cde Joram Gumbo said they would be meeting in Gweru.

“We are more than ready,” he said. “We had actually planned to have youth and women conferences on Friday, but due to financial constraints, we will only meet on Saturday. “The 563 party districts in the eight administrative districts have come up with their resolutions, and we will be looking at those to come up with provincial resolutions.”

Said Mashonaland East acting provincial chair Cde Bernard Makokove: “We are meeting at our provincial head office in Marondera where we expect delegates from our 385 party districts. We have also finished accrediting district delegates to be at the main conference next month.”

In Mashonaland Central, provincial chairperson Cde Dickson Mafios said the conference would be held in Bindura.

“Our preparations are at an advanced stage and we have 403 party districts. As such, we have accredited 403 people for the main conference and all provincial delegates are going to be 630.”

Cde Ephraim Chengeta from Mashonaland Central said they were ready for tomorrow’s conference adding that accreditation had gone smoothly in the seven administrative districts in the province.

Matabeleland North Province’s Cde Richard Moyo said they did the processes last month with the province’s 184 party districts coming up with resolutions.

“First, districts met and we later called them to our provincial head office and we did our resolutions,” he said.

“Among the major highlights is that we endorsed President Mugabe to be our candidate for 2018. People also talked about problems such as water and other economic issues. We are not meeting at the weekend and we are only left with one provincial coordinating committee meeting to be held soon. As for accreditation, we are done and only waiting for the day to go to Masvingo.”

The Masvingo conference will be held under the theme: “Moving with Zim-Asset in Peace and Unity”. More than 6 000 delegates are expected to grace the event to be held at the Masvingo Showgrounds. Zanu-PF needs about $4 million to successfully host the conference and it is understood that significant progress has been made in mobilising the funds.


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    gwabu 5 years ago

    6 000 delegates wanting to chew US$4million? its just questionable. a good meal in most hotels nowadays is going for 3 dollars. Put it at 6$ say multiply by 3 meals per day thus 18$ +30$for bed that gives 38$. Multiply by 3 days thus 114$ multiply by 6000 this gives 684,000$. Transport 6000/64 seater = 100 buses say longest distance 2×300 km (masvingo is central.) 600×100=60000kmbuses 3km/litre would give 20000 litres of diesel x 1.50 including oils etc 30000$. so total realistic cost 684+30=714000. Add 30% for chefs accommodation and meals and luxury vehicles = 928 000$. Add 10% for contingencies 1,021 million$. 4 million is a crazy figure and not realistic. It nevertheless shows how bad with figures is our ruling party.I believe the finance minister is consulted and he does give his nod. kuzoti national economy. Aaaa pane nyaya