Mugabe’s wife moves to grab ‘iconic state-owned Mazowe Dam’ – report

Harare – Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly moved to expand her Mazowe “empire” in Mashonaland province by grabbing the “iconic state-owned Mazowe Dam – almost a century after it was built – and surrounding tracts of land”.

Source: Mugabe’s wife moves to grab ‘iconic state-owned Mazowe Dam’ – report | News24 2017-07-09

According to Zimbabwe Independent, the move had heightened her “bitter fights with local villagers”, who were now barred from using the huge dam, as she also wanted to privatise it.

The First Lady’s growing empire already included a huge double-storey mansion, a dairy farm, an orphanage and a school.

The report said that Grace was also planning on building a university.

A Zimbabwean court early this year reportedly ruled against the First Lady’s move to seize a farm in the same area.

Reports suggested that Grace had evicted a number of families from their home.

The Mazowe Dam was the country’s 16th largest reservoir and had a capacity of 39.35 million cubic metres of water. According to The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) it was 99.9% full as of June 12.

“Grace’s latest move has infuriated villagers, some of whom earned a living through fishing and other activities around there,” the report said.

The Dam was now being guarded by armed law enforcement agents “to keep away villagers and other people”.

Meanwhile, reports last year indicated that the Mugabes owned at least fourteen farms that were gained through the country’s chaotic land reform programme introduced in the early 2000s.


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    crazy 5 years ago

    Is this women not scared, what happens when her husband dies and he will. You have your young adult children she is crazy. Make friends not enemies, she acts like a once poor person when they get food they just keep on eating even when full.

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    Doris 5 years ago

    The mighty WILL fall.

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    unproudly Zimbabwean 5 years ago

    It took years to build the Roman empire but only days to destroy it.