No-go Gono

via No-go Gono 8 October 2014 by Jera

If the Politburo or president (or whoever is behind the launch of Grace’s political career) has so far succeeded with Grace, there has been no headway on the Gono front.

Mugabe is not getting any younger and is desperate to safeguard his position, post retirement. Trusty presidential financial advisor, Gono, is believed to be part of the grand plan to ensure Mugabe has a peaceful retirement – but the political career of the man who murdered the Zim dollar has so far met with several challenges.

There was the alleged media smear campaign, following which came a total Zimpapers blackout on all things Gono. And most recently, head of ZEC Rita Makarau said there were irregularities in Gono’s voter registration in Manicaland province, which in theory renders him ineligible for the senatorial position he so desperately desires. Jonathan Moyo recently broke his vow of silence, which began around the Gamatox period. Moyo makes fun of Gono’s ‘ignorance of the law.’ When it seemed there was no go for Gono, justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has said there might yet be hope for Gono’s senatorial aspirations. Perhaps somebody more senior to Mnangagwa instructed the justice minister to ‘find a way,’ hence the change of stance.


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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    Why is goono still not yet doing hard lab our ?

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    Godobori 8 years ago

    Vanhuwe, why do we chose our leaders this way? What makes Grace a leader now? Is it because akarara naRobati? Is it because akawakirwa chikoro kuMazoe nemaChina?

    Ko Gono? is it because akaita black market akashandisa mari idzodzo kuvaka Gushong-ho dairy nema mansions avo vese?

    Saka kuti inge uri leader muZimbabwe unotonge waita chimwe chinhu for Robati, regardless? Nyika ino haina ramangwana vanhu we-e.

    Taregererei kutsvaga vanhu (team) ine njere, yakaita zvinhu zviripamusorosoro tovati imi ndimi vataakuda kuti mutore nyika kubva apa pairi isvike uko, kumusorosoro. Kana mukatadza panguva iyi yatakupai, tichakubvisai? Toshanda navo munhu wese ange ari mu Team iyoyo.

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      Phunyukabemphethe 8 years ago

      We cant read or understand this. Rewrite please, if you want everyone’s contribution!