Online Gambling Penetration across Africa

Online gambling has become a part of the daily life of the people in many different African countries, from the biggest like Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Congo or Algeria, to the smallest ones. However, according to a research by, the factor that decides how much online gambling is available to the citizens depends on how rich the country is and how much its citizens make annually. The bigger the poverty, the less the population has means available by which it can access the online gambling and betting services and deposit money in order to place wagers.

In South Africa, or Nigeria for example online gambling has penetrated much more than in countries like Zimbabwe, Congo, Liberia or Eritrea, where the population is much more prone to use the land-based betting shops instead of going online. South Africans have had a big boom in online gambling sites like Zebra Casino, which are usually very popular on mobile devices such as smartphone or tablets. In the much poorer countries such technology still hasn’t penetrated that much because hardly anyone can afford a smartphone let alone a tablet.

Either way, no matter how rich or poor an African country is, gambling will always be prevalent in any form including online. The fact is that online gambling is getting increasingly popular, and currently 30 countries have some sort of legislation that regulates gambling. South Africa has the most both land-based and online gambling establishments that are licensed and regulated in the country.

Other countries where online gambling has become very popular are Uganda, Namibia, Morocco, Ghana, Cameron, Botswana and Zimbabwe too, but not all of them have licensing norms and standards for online gambling like South Africa. Many of them don’t have clear provisions in their current gambling acts that mandate online gambling, so their citizens can freely gamble online without actually breaking the law. This makes South Africa the most progressive African country in regards of regulated gambling where each province has its own regulatory body.

For example, gambling is legal in Ghana and there are stringent laws that regulate it, but despite that, there is nothing in any of the acts like the Casino Revenue Tax Act, Lotteries Betting Act, Casino Licensing Act or the Gambling Machines Act that say anything about online gambling.

For Africans to gamble online they don’t necessarily need specific online gambling sites that are specifically set up for them and that tend only to players from their country. There are many big online gambling sites widely popular across the globe that accept players from various African countries. Of course, each site has its own policy of which countries it accepts. This may depend on the country’s legislation or whether that site has had negative experience with players from that country in regards of scams etc.

That fact that online gambling is steadily penetrating the beautiful continent of Africa is a reality. We cannot tell whether this is good or bad. Those that gamble in the poorer countries are doing so as a mean of an income, which they lack because of the high rates of unemployment. Those from the richer countries do that as a hobby in their leisure time. Either way, gambling will always be that one activity that gives the sometimes much needed adrenaline rush to people.


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    Loud Speaker 6 years ago

    Gambling is a mugs game.
    A fool is soon parted from their money.

    ….You are welcome to add to the list.

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