Ousted Mujuru denies stoking unrest

via Ousted Mujuru denies stoking unrest – NewZimbabwe 18 March 2015

OUSTED Vice President Joice Mujuru has told government to stop wasting its resources attacking her “for their failures” and instead focus on delivering people’s expectations.

Mujuru and several cabinet ministers were fired from government for allegedly plotting a coup against President Robert Mugabe. The purges also affected scores of senior ruling Zanu PF party officials.

The government is struggling to right the country’s flailing economy and officials have reacted nervously as the opposition staged demonstrations and unrest rocked the country’s leading university while five prisoners were killed in food riots at Chikurubi maximum prison.

On Monday, information minister Jonathan Moyo claimed on Twitter that, “There’s a palpable feeling in Zim that some quarters are dangerously trying to stir it up in the mistaken belief that 2008 can be repeated!”

The state-controlled media followed up with a report claiming that Mujuru was working in cahoots with the opposition MDC-T and the United States to cause chaos and anarchy in the country.

However, in a short interview with NewZimbabwe.com via social media, Mujuru said the government must focus on improving the welfare of its citizens rather than talking about her as she is “plotting nothing evil against the state”.

“I am surprised with the continued abuse of state resources on fictitious issues by the state media and state apparatus, they must focus their energy on governing and delivering what is expected of them.

“I have nothing to do with the anger and frustrations of Zimbabweans, or even prisoners.”

She added: “Those in government should learn to be good leaders and not blame innocent people like us.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with those protests or whatever they are called.”

Over the past few weeks, Zimbabwe has witnessed strikes by unpaid university lecturers, demonstrations by opposition groups and food riots at Chikurubi Maximum Prison as well as at the University of Zimbabwe.

On Wednesday a report in the Herald claimed that Mujuru and “some right-wing forces in the United States” were working to make Zimbabwe ungovernable, state media reported on Wednesday.

“The Gamatox faction [Mujuru supporters] in conjunction with the MDC and some right-wing forces in the US are working with Tsvangirai to create conditions similar to what prevailed in 2007 which led to the creation of the inclusive government,” the publication quoted sources as saying.


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    tonyme 8 years ago

    Scapegoating is the term. The university demonstrations are a result of salary non=payments, The strike at Chikurubwi is a result of non-payments and lack of accommodations also. Now America has nothing to do with these failures. There were audits conducted where monies were being squandered at the parastatals. Look there for wasted resources and deal with those thieves to make things better in the country. Deal with peer decision-makers and rid of the rot in the country. By the way there also those who owe the RBZ monies borrowed. Make them pay back so people can have salaries so there will not be any strikes.