Parly calls for mandatory retesting for all drivers

Source: Parly calls for mandatory retesting for all drivers | The Herald August 17, 2016

Walter Nyamukondiwa Chinhoyi Bureau
Licences for non-public service vehicle drivers should expire so that they are re-examined to assess competence and suitability as a means to curb road carnage, a parliamentary portfolio committee has proposed.

The reforms, if adopted, would also include the commercialisation of the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) to ensure it operates efficiently.

Only drivers of public service vehicles undergo periodic tests, which include competence and physical status checks to assess suitability to continue driving on the country’s roads.

The parliamentary portfolio committee on Transport and Infrastructure Development chairperson Cde Dexter Nduna said the reforms would be in keeping with international best practices.

“Our licences are the only ones which do not expire while a lot changes in the course of one’s life with some having constrained eyesight and other physical changes which limits their competence to remain on our roads,” said Cde Nduna.

“The licences are the only ones which do not expire and yet the owner can lose some of their faculties thereby putting the life of others at risk.”

The call comes at a time when statistics show that 85 percent of road accidents are a result of human error.

Cde Nduna said age also plays a key role in judgement, eyesight and reaction to situations.

In some countries, for instance, driving is restricted to 75 years with special dispensation for some types of roads after undergoing assessment.

On the commercialisation of VID, Cde Nduna said this would include computerisation and integration of all departments including the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR), which issues licences into the transport system.

It is expected that this would curb corruption that has forced a significant number of people to clandestinely get certificates of competence.

This would include increasing the number of VID inspection and testing depots to 38 from the current 23 to boost revenue and dividend to Government.

VID is realising about $2 million per month translating to around $24 million per year which is expected to grow to around $110 million with the implementation of the reforms.

“Commercialisation of VID will broaden the revenue base for both the department and Government,” said Cde Nduna.

He said the inspection role of VID would be extended to non-public service vehicles which bear the black on yellow number plates.

This, Cde Nduna said would also help in limiting the number of faulty vehicles on the roads thereby reducing road carnage on the country’s roads.

Commercial vehicles, including passenger service vehicles bearing red on white plates undergo mandatory inspection once every year.

According to the proposal, all vehicles would undergo testing once every year.

Around 300 000 vehicles undergo mandatory inspection every year, which is expected to increase to around 1,3 million vehicles every year with the adoption of the proposal.

Efforts to get a comment from Transport and Infrastructure Development permanent secretary Mr Munesushe Munodawafa were fruitless.

Officials in the ministry however, hinted on the existence of such proposals which are believed to be at various levels of implementation and consideration.

Minister Dr Joram Gumbo referred all questions to technocrats in the ministry for clarification.

“These are technical issues and operational issues, technical people should respond,” he said.


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    Some drivers should be retested within one month of having got their licence. Just think how many bundles of $200 are going to be paid as a bribe to the testing authorities for a retest. The examiners will be very pleased and wealthy.

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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    More red tape to resolve the problem that most road users don’t have the intelligence to operate a bicycle.

    Rather give them an IQ test first.

  • comment-avatar
    Fatso 6 years ago

    Veduwe tangaimmagadzirisa nyika . Its a good proposal but not a priority. Correct order should be as follows
    1. Deal with corruption
    2. Create at least 50 jobs
    3. Deal withPPolice brutaility
    4. Manage Cash crisis
    5 to 99. Ask preschool children
    100. Retest drivers

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    mapururudza galisto 6 years ago

    Usada kufuma uchingochinja zvinhu iwe ukwane.iwe unogona here kudriver kwacho.munorega kutaura nezvekuti vanhu vorarama sei munyika chete.tsvaga jesu nguva ichipo waamai

  • comment-avatar
    Mthwakazi 6 years ago

    “50 jobs at least” hahahahah!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Barry 6 years ago

    “Best practices “? No one in this government knows the meaning of the term.

    “Government” has found a new way to steal money is all.

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    Cde Sinjonjo 6 years ago

    We need a serious parliament please! The economy is on its knees and here are legislators talking about retesting of all drivers? How much will that cost and at whose cost? Why should the people suffer for the corruption at VID? Do we really need these people in parliament wasting our money majoring in minor issues leaving the big issues unattended. The President said USD15 billion disappeared and what is this parliament doing to get the perpetrators to book?

    This parliament must be dissolved for failing to address real issues while focusing on petty issues like demanding new vehicles.

  • comment-avatar
    Cde Sinjonjo 6 years ago

    Best practice on driving? Nonsense! What about best practice on governance and running an economy?

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    Stupid old buffoon which never get satisfied!!!!!!

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    DELIGHT 6 years ago

    The VID inspectors will make more money out of this , you guys you need to be serious. Fix your roads , do away with corruption , create employment .
    You go to the parliament just to get seating allowances , you are a waste of time but i am happy because you are on your way out.

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    All crooks think alike. Now that the cupboards are bare in most sectors of the county having been plundered, looted and stripped to ashes and ruin, those coffers have run dry. Time to dream up a new scam to generate income for personal gain.
    Why was this never thought of years go with the increase in the carnage on the roads, year by year – poor vehicles, useless drivers who don’t know their left from their right!
    Where’s all the money gone collected from road toll gates – into back pockets whilst the roads remain a hazard to life and limb.
    What next – donkey cart testing and licencing!
    None of these grand schemes can meet with any long term success without true governance and accountability. They are just a short term money making racket that will collapse and then the next so called grand idea will be hatched for the same reward.

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    Rod act reality. 6 years ago

    To many teenagers driving 4 passengers cars with 10 to 12 people in, including 1 sitting under the driver
    and police collecting $ers at the non refundable road side Bank.
    With the daily payment, this gives them what they think is their right to drive with no respect of the rules
    of the road, eg u turn over a faded white line, dropping and collecting passengers in the middle of the road,
    complete closure of side roads made into a illegal bus stop. last but not least the think they own the roads, until the over brain their selves and kill or mane many people . Record fit in 1 Honda Fit 17 counted climbing out or should i say slipping out like toothpaste from a tube.