Prophet ‘crowns’ Mohadi in succession battle

Popular Malawian preacher, Shepherd Bushiri, has claimed that State Security minister Kembo Mohadi will be promoted and he will wear a crown, inadvertently placing the Beitbridge East legislator at the heart of Zanu PF succession battles.

Source: Prophet ‘crowns’ Mohadi in succession battle – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 8, 2016


Bushiri, who is headed for Zimbabwe on Thursday, promised Mohadi nothing would happen to him, despite machinations by his rivals to kill him.

“I am seeing you going higher and higher, nothing bad will happen to you, I am seeing promotion coming your way, I am seeing a crown on your head, because I am seeing the spiritual realm,” he said while preaching to Mohadi, with the Zimbabwean minister continuously saying: “I receive.”

Bushiri claimed Mohadi was being targeted by rivals who were now lining up witchdoctors to stop his imminent rise.

“I am seeing arrows against you, but none of them shall prosper. I am seeing somebody holding a spear targeting that man (Mohadi), and this man is visiting all these witchdoctors and you have been going through a lot and the Lord has been protecting you,” he said.

Bushiri claimed the unidentified men were from Borrowdale and visited the witchdoctors in Chitungwiza.

“I am seeing people from Borrowdale driving to Chitungwiza and they were told that wherever he (Mohadi) will stand, remove the soil and kill this man and all of a sudden you begin having these crazy things moving in your body and all these attacks and sometimes you feel like (there is) sand in your eyes,” the eccentric preacher said, to Mohadi’s response: “That’s true, man of God.”

“But listen to me,” Bushiri continues, “there’s a shield of fire that surrounds you,” with the grateful Mohadi responding: “Thank you, thank you, man of God.”

“People are hating (sic) you because of your position. (They are saying) how can this man be a Minister of State for Security, how can this man be having (sic) this position?” the Malawian preacher said.

“But the hand of God is with you, He will protect you.”

Bushiri then promised a beaming Mohadi that “I am seeing money coming to you.”

The preacher then gave Mohadi a white handkerchief, which he said the minister should use each time he felt under threat and if he used it to pray, he would receive miracles.

Mohadi is reportedly being tapped by a Zanu PF faction loyal to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take up the Vice-Presidency if the former succeeds President Robert Mugabe.

Coincidentally, Mnangagwa is set to be the guest of honour when Bushiri jets into the country.

Bushiri will be hosting a black billionaire breakfast meeting in Harare on Thursday.

Zanu PF officials, including Mugabe, are known for being superstitious.

A decade ago, Zanu PF led a high-powered delegation to Chinhoyi after being duped by convict Rotina Mavhunga that pure diesel was oozing from a rock, becoming one of the most embarrassing incidents to Mugabe’s ruling party.

Mohadi was one of several Zanu PF ministers who fell for Mavhunga’s con, with pictures of him sitting barefoot waiting for her to show them diesel from a rock.

Zanu PF succession wars have been played out in the spiritual realm, with top ministers visiting leading prophets ahead of Cabinet announcements or reshuffles, while former Vice-President Joice Mujuru was ousted for allegedly consulting witchdoctors to oust Mugabe.

Despite Mujuru denying ever visiting witchdoctors to take Mugabe’s job, her former boss and his wife, Grace Mugabe, insisted that they have video evidence showing the former VP seeking spiritual powers.


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    nelson moyo 6 years ago

    Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth.