Protest artist fears for life

Source: Protest artist fears for life – DailyNews Live Vasco Chaya • 28 April 2016

HARARE – Protest artist Slyvanos Mudzvova, who was recently arrested in Harare for staging a controversial one-man play Missing Diamonds: I Want My Share, says he is being stalked.

Mudzvova posted on his Facebook page that his home is being frequented by a vehicle that he suspects to be from State security agents.

“Colleagues and friends just to let you know, (this) vehicle with the following number plate … single cab without back number plate has been coming to my house every morning.

“So today with the assistance of a brave neighbour we managed to take a photo of the number plate.

“I tried to make a report at the nearest police station but the officers could not open a report for me.

“So am left with no option except to let you know of my situation,” reads the post.

After his arrest following an abortive attempt to stage a one-man play near Parliament, Mudzvova claimed that he was warned by police to stop meddling in politics.

“I was interrogated for about two hours at Harare Central Police Station.

“The office of officer commanding Harare province openly told me politics was dangerous and I should stop it before what happened to (Itai) Dzamara happens to me,” he said then.

Dzamara was abducted on March 9 2015 exactly two days after addressing an MDC rally in Highfield, Harare.

The 36-year-old journalist and pro-democracracy activist, who was spearheading a pro-democracy movement “Occupy Africa Unity Square”, has not been seen since then.