Punishment is expected

via Punishment is expected 3 December 2014 by Jera

In order to send the message that he is still in control, punishment of dissenters is expected. The only reason holding back the humiliated Mujuru faction from forming its own party is fear of total annihilation. The threat of prosecution (corruption, treason, sexual harassment) will probably inspire the humiliated bigwigs to remain loyal to the party.

For the sake of self-preservation and the maintenance of their business interests, the disgraced members will probably endure, in silence, whatever punishment is meted out. But what complicates the anticipated second purge is the need for Mugabe to balance punishment and keeping the fractious party together. For the sake of keeping his majority in parliament intact, Mugabe may also want to keep peace.

Mugabe has empowered himself – or has been empowered – to nominate his own VPs, and national chairman, a move designed to exclude anybody within the party who might have even the slightest difference of opinion. So afraid of being contradicted is the President that the various party members on whom a no-confidence vote was passed will be barred from congress.

To make sure that loose cannon Jabulani Sibanda does not make a scene, a nonsensical case has been opened by ZRP and the former chairman of the war vets has been belatedly charged with ‘undermining the authority of the president,’ following his ‘bedroom coup’ one-liner. There is a great deal of irony in that. It might be Mugabe’s face on every T-shirt at rallies but the President appears to have lost his authority long ago, with jungle laws prevailing in his beloved party.

Several heavyweights are said to want him gone – in a hearse, if we are to believe the assassination stories. It is literally a free-for-all as members seeking to settle personal grudges engineer ‘votes of no confidence’ and other tricks to neutralise their rivals. These same schemers have imposed upon us Grace Mugabe, a woman whose state of mind would have remained a secret, if only she had continued to smile and look pretty.


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    Angela Wigmore 6 years ago

    Has Bob finally shot himself, not just in the foot, but in the face? Surely ‘the rest of the world’ cannot possibly agree that this farce is a democratic ”congress”? I don’t give a damn about any of them BUT how can anyone with reasonable intelligence suggest that any of these people are fit to run/rule a country? UK/USA/RSA SHAME ON YOU for destroying a successful nation! Your blinkered PC ideologies have brought a previously happy and prosperous nation to its knees! You don’t care because you don’t live there, or have not had to escape with nothing. I should be interested to know how the remaining white Zimbabweans are surviving, and how many there are. Is anyone brave, and honest, enough to answer this question?

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      Mukanya 6 years ago

      This is a sick analysis coming from a sick “zanunized” mind.

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    either way the action shuld disable Zanu by going after mugabe.

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    Isu zvedu 6 years ago

    Angela, you never seize to amaze people. Surely after harnessing courage to make a contribution, this is all you have to say? Blame the west and developed world for what? Mugabe’s age? Please! What has the “blinkered PC” ideology got to do with senility, or with awarding a PhD to a typist-turned-wife of a 91 year old who went about inciting violence against the party people? I hope you read this. But we, Zimbabweans are hanging our heads in shame. Its not politics as historically known, its evil choosing to display itself this way. Shame.

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    Msizeni silwelani 6 years ago

    Good point. They have the numbers (Mujuru slate), but cannot join any other democratic movement least it be painted with the same brush. Remember how sanctions were attached to the MDC and somehow stuck in the minds of the politically illiterate. They will suffer in silence till re-admitted. With treason, corruption and rape charges hanging over them, it will be Mugabe’s way of keeping them on the leach. They are politically castrated. Am not surprised but enjoying.

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    Bob pako papera 6 years ago

    First you were rejected by the Zimbabwean majority and you didn’t get the message. Now Zanu yako haichakuda chasara kurambwa nemukdzi wako Disgrace