‘Queen bee’ Mujuru dares Mutasa, Gumbo

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who is now leading a Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) faction following a fall-out with founding members, Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa, has poured cold water on threats of a lawsuit from her former lieutenants.

Source: ‘Queen bee’ Mujuru dares Mutasa, Gumbo – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 25, 2017


Gumbo and Mutasa, early this week, threatened to slap Mujuru with a $5 million lawsuit if she does not retract comments she reportedly made, alleging the ZimPF elders had tried to make her sleep with several senior male party leaders.

But the former Vice-President, who expelled Mutasa and Gumbo from the party before the two turned the tables on her, has told the ZimPF elders to “bring it on”.

“We are retained to represent our client, Joice Mujuru, in the above referenced matter and your clients’ letter dated February 20, 2017, which was served on our client, has since been forwarded to our offices for perusal and appropriate advice,” Mujuru’s lawyer, Gift Nyandoro of Hamunakwadi and Nyandoro Law Chambers, said.

Nyandoro, who is also Mujuru’s spokesperson, dismissed the threats of a lawsuit as malicious and frivolous.

“The contents of your clients’ letter are self-explanatory and our client denies the ill-advised and misplaced allegations therein,” he said.

“For the record, our client is more than ready to defend herself in a competent court of law should your clients proceed with their malicious legal processes.

“Please note that we have full instructions to receive any court process that may emanate from your clients’ proposed frivolous and vexatious legal process.”

In the letter of demand, Mutasa and Gumbo argued they had never solicited for sexual favours from the former Zanu PF number two.

In an audio recording of her address to provincial structures in Masvingo last week, Mujuru accused her former allies, notably Mutasa and Gumbo, of wanting her to sleep with male colleagues in the party, taking advantage of her as a widow.

But Gumbo retorted that Mujuru’s lack of intelligence and sophistication had been exposed by her failure to comprehend the “beehive principle”.

Mujuru also claimed Gumbo and Mutasa wanted to turn ZimPF into a “money-spinning venture”.