Reduce foreign ‘useless’ trips: MDC

Reduce foreign ‘useless’ trips: MDC

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s “useless” foreign jaunts are to blame for the poor state of infrastructure in the country, the opposition MDC has said.

Source: Reduce foreign ‘useless’ trips: MDC – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 13, 2017


The party led by former Industry minister Welshman Ncube, has blamed the ruling Zanu PF government ineptitude for the unfortunate loss of lives, including last week’s horror crash that claimed 13 lives in Bulawayo.

Thirteen people died on the spot, while four others were seriously injured and admitted at the United Bulawayo Hospital after a commuter omnibus, which was carrying a dead body, collided with a haulage truck just outside the country’s second largest city.

In a statement, MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said his party was saddened and outraged by the unnecessary loss of life.

“It is sad to note that it has to take nothing short of the loss of precious lives for government to begin to take notice of the serious disrepair of our roads. It is our hope that government will acknowledge and accept responsibility for these unnecessary deaths and swiftly make reparations to the families of the deceased,” Chihwayi said.

“The cause of this accident like many others before it is the negligence and rampant corruption inside President Robert Mugabe’s government. The government and in particular the Transport ministry must be brought to book over the horrific deterioration of our roads.”

Chihwayi said it seems Mugabe’s government is happy with increasing the road death toll, while he gallivants across the globe.

“Instead of improvements on our roads all we are seeing are traffic police officers at literally every 5km stretch whose sole goal is to further milk motorists of their hard-earned cash. Zinara needs to come clean about why it continues to collect revenue from our roads without repairing them for years on end,” he said.

The party’s Matabeleland South chairperson Pilate Ndebele said the government’s declaration of some roads as a state of disaster will not help matters.

“This government is now blaming the destruction of the infrastructure on the rains, forgetting that since independence they have not been rehabilitating the infrastructure,” Ndebele said, adding devolution was the answer to the problem of infrastructure decay.


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    ZIM263live 1 year

    I love how the rains are now to blame for bad roads just like its everyone elses’s fault for all the other problems our country is facing and not the government no one in government has the guts anymore to admit failure and quit for the sake of the country its now individual agenda’s that mean everything while the whole place is embarrassingly falling to pieces!! The last time a road maintenance crew visited my road was October 2002 now there are more potholes than tarmac but i guess its the rains to blame not the lack of maintenance for nearly 15years!!!!

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    Ann 1 year

    Mugabe never takes advise from anyone why at 93 should he start now. Mdc you got us in this mess get us out. People supported you but you were so into having fancy homes,cars and going to court for mistress suing for maintence. You are toothless dogs, we need action now.

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      Cypriano 1 year

      Ann you are getting it wrong on this one.MDC is not in Government so how have they affected you except that they are raising the red flag on critical issues such as the one under discussion-bad state of roads caused by poor governance.In my view both MDCs have done and are still doing well to remind the government to do the right thing.On issues of maintenances and courts attendance,what does have to do with the economy?

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    Mr Virir 1 year

    Everyone should get a bicycle and ride around like they do in other cities around the world.