‘Rein in Mutodi’

TOP Zanu PF official, Jimayi Muduvuri, has urged the ruling party to rein in Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s proclaimed ally, Energy Mutodi, after the latter urged President Robert Mugabe to step down for his deputy or risk losing the 2018 general elections to the opposition.

Source: ‘Rein in Mutodi’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 1, 2017

Staff Reporter

Jimayi, a member of Zanu PF’s national consultative assembly and leader of a ruling party-aligned business association, Business Community of Zimbabwe, accused Mutodi of seeking to destroy the ruling party from within through his unmeasured remarks.

“Mutodi’s time is up in Zanu PF. We do not want to be associated with renegades. The door is open for Mutodi to join other parties of his choice rather than trying to destroy Zanu PF from within,” he said.

Mutodi has launched a social media campaign calling on Mugabe to relinquish power to his deputy, Mnangagwa.

Last week, he released a video supporting South African opposition Economic Freedom Fighters party leader, Julius Malema’s call for Mugabe to retire.


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    Majaira Bopoto 5 years ago

    I am surprised by people, like my brother Jimayi, concerning Mutodi’s aired views. Why would one want to quieten a compatriot who is trying to say something quite debatable. If Zanu PF cares an inch about democracy then this level of intolerance should not be entertained. lets open-mindedly scrutinize these political views. however, I am very much aware that some got where they are now through exploitation of the ruling party’s patronage system, they therefore pray for the status-quo, but alas Our President is mortal. also the party will not remain in power forever.