Riot police brutalise protestors

via Riot police brutalise protestors – Nehanda Radio Jan 5, 2016 By Jonga Kandemiiri

HARARE – Riot police on Monday brutalised defenceless citizens protesting the delayed payment of December salaries and bonuses for civil servants.

They also detained three leaders from the Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe for allegedly leading the protest in Harare.

Rural Teachers’ Union president Obert Masaraure and his lieutenants Pride Mukono and Robson Chere were later released into the custody of their lawyer Gift Mtisi of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

The police will proceed by way of summons whenever they want the trio back in court. Lynette Mudehwe of the Zimbabwe Activists Alliance said the demonstrations were in solidarity with striking health workers.

Mudehwe added that they also wanted to express their displeasure over the government’s failure to pay civil servants December salaries and bonuses, among other issues.

She said they wanted to hand over petitions to Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa and Labour Minister Priscah Mupfumira but were surprised to find armed police blocking their way near parliament.

“We notified the police about our intentions on December 31, 2015, and they acknowledged receipt by signing at the back of the letter, but we were surprised to find riot police blocking our way,” said Mudehwe.

Those injured, including Rutendo Kawadza of the Zimbabwe Activists Alliance, were taken to the Avenues Clinic for treatment, according to Mudehwe. Studio 7 failed to get a comment from the police. VOA Studio 7



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    Yimindoda Ndoda 5 years ago

    Most of the police men on the Harare streets today are former Gukurahundi soldiers, the chicken is eating its eggs.

  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 5 years ago

    ZRP = Zanu Repressive Police not part of the Civil servants

  • comment-avatar
    biend 5 years ago

    I wonder if these Police have kids who go to school in ZIM and do they expect teachers to teach on empty stomachs or walk to far away schools.They have energy to terrorise peaceful and lawful protesters because their stomachs are full they got paid.The problem in ZIM is that people are so divided and organisations so individualistic.To uproot this giagentic monster of Dictatorship a wholistic aproach is needed.Everyone should come together and support the protesting Comrades without that this Dictatorship is going nowhere

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    Rockstone 5 years ago

    Right ,the game must be , any police or soldier who will brutalize the innocent civilliance will trigger a massive uprise , we stay with these people in the locations , we share the same streets & same shops , let’s declare terror against them &send a clear message that they are being too partisan, let’s express to them clearly that they are being used as propaganda machinery ,it’s high time to rebell against this continuos unconducive environment , their families are enjoying the benefits which are meant to source the whole nation , let’s defy this condition , I will be there to support and bringing down these these cannibals .

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    Aluta continua 5 years ago

    It was proven beyond doubt that Zanu pf always uses force , violence , and state machinery , let’s rise together and confront this regime ,hapana kusiri kufa !

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    chimusoro 5 years ago

    Where is the evidence for this brutality? Are there no cameras in Zimbabwe?