Rushwaya, co-accused stay on remand

Source: Rushwaya, co-accused stay on remand | The Herald July 1, 2016

Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe yesterday dismissed applications for refusal of further remand for former ZIFA chief executive Henrietta Rushwaya and her accomplices Edzai Kasinauyo and Nation Dube, accused of organising the “Limpopogate” match-fixing scandal.

The trio, through their lawyers, had submitted that the State’s allegations and facts did not reveal an offence against them.

They are on $100 bail each.

In his ruling, Mr Mahwe said the accused persons had been on remand for two months and that period was not unreasonable considering that the investigations involved international figures.

Mr Mahwe said allegations are that the trio agreed on a plan whereby Zimbabwe soccer players would be offered bribes for them to lose international matches against Swaziland.

“The facts allege that the trio were involved in the scheme which, however, did not reach fruition because Leeroy Kundishora Waguta, who was part of the meetings where the scheme was being discussed, then alerted the ZIFA authorities.

“The argument that the facts do not disclose an offence is therefore not sound. The applications for refusal of further remand are therefore premature and are hereby dismissed,” said Mr Mahwe.

Dube’s lawyer, Mr Simon Simango, early this week told the court that the dissolution of Zifa meant there was no complainant in the matter, leaving the trio with no one to sue.

“If the trio was to be acquitted today whom will they sue?

“Right now as we speak, there is no complainant in this matter after the dissolution of Zifa,” said Mr Simango

Mr Simango further stated that the State had no case against the trio.

Mr Harrisson Nkomo, who is representing Kasinauyo, added that the charge and the facts presented to the court against the trio did not form a legal basis for them to continue being on remand.

“What is just mentioned is that there was a plan that unnamed characters who were supposed to represent Zimbabwe in that particular match were going to be given bribes to influence the outcome of the match but no exchange of money was revealed,” said Mr Nkomo.

Mr Nkomo further stated that the facts of the State as currently presented did not establish reasonable suspicion that the trio committed a crime.