Saturday thought: Mugabe’s wives!

via Saturday thought: Mugabe’s wives! – NewZimbabwe  16/10/2015 by Ishmael Magodo

WHEN Grace Mugabe wedded Robert Mugabe that 17th day of August in 1996 she took some vows. None of those vows had anything to do with the people of Zimbabwe. Those vows which she reported to have broken many times over were around the person of Robert Mugabe and nothing to do with the office of the president.

The same applies to Robert Mugabe. When he took his oath of office, Grace was just a witness. She did not take an oath of office alongside him. In fact, the oath of office taken by Robert Mugabe said a lot about upholding the constitution of Zimbabwe. That constitution does not mention anything to do with a “First Lady”.

How then are we being told that when we voted for Robert Mugabe, we voted for Grace Mugabe because he shares executive power with her? Why are the people of Zimbabwe allowing this family to brazenly subvert the constitution and take them for granted? And those ministers, why has patronage castrated them so much that they pay homage to a person who would embarrass them were she their sister?

For people like Jonathan Moyo and George Charamba to try to sell the country such nonsense as claims that Grace “shares the crown” with Mugabe is a big insult to all straight thinking Zimbabweans and their famed intelligence. Or is it overrated intelligence? The only thing Grace should shares with Robert Mugabe is his bed. We hear that he doesn’t do much of it these days anyway. Grace says the president prefers to share it with Chatunga.

And talking of his children, Zimbabweans always thought that Mugabe wanted a member of his family to take over from him. A lot of thoughts were around his daughter Bona but she was handicapped by youth as she was well below the requisite age of 40. It never crossed anyone’s mind that the joke that is Grace would be foisted upon the people and there would be multitudes prepared to swallow such nonsense. And not only that; there would be men with a real none prosthetic pairs between their legs that would kneel in reverence to this good-for-nothing woman!

Now that the joke has been foisted upon the nation, no one is laughing anymore. This joke has worn thin and it’s high time the curtain closes. This is because the joke is now on the Zimbabwean people and we can’t continue to laugh at our own expense. Unless we thrive and delight in self-harming.

Where are all those men and women that confronted the tyranny of Ian Smith? Did they confront the mighty Rhodesian force to come and kneel before a woman of whom it is an insult to one’s mother to salute with the appellation of “Amai”? Surely, whose mother is Grace? Russell, Bona, Robert and Chatunga oh yes. But Jonathan and Saviour what did your mothers do against you for you to even print T-Shirts labelled “Munhu wose kunaAmai” meaning Grace?

As for Zhuwawo he has personal reasons for doing that. For him it’s “Munhu wese kunaAmbuya”. And why not, when they want the presidency of the country kept in their family? But Zimbabwe does not belong to one family. It belongs to us all, including those that died and those that got maimed fighting for it. It was never their dream that Zimbabwe would have its seal handed over down family lines like a monarch. It was about one-man-one-vote and the people openly choosing their leadership.

Oh by the way, people that have taken the oath of Vice President cannot be junior to one who has taken the vow of being a good wife. The oath of the Vice President is constitutional. That of being a good wife is not. The vice presidency is a product of the constitution. That of being the wife of a president is based on lust and in this particular case maybe was based on a search for something else. So here is a nation letting an underachiever being sold to them as a potential president. Yes, underachiever because her biggest achievement seems to be that of seducing an old man desperate to give his mother a brood. Now the breeder is becoming a president! Nobody surely saw this coming.

And all the nation can do is lament on social media. A whole 14 million people are being turned into a part of a Mugabe INC. Or is it that Zimbabwe is now part of Gushungo Holdings? Everyone who lost a relative in the war, where is your anger? Where is your sense of moral justice? For how can you let those loved ones die in vain? Or is it that your hatred of Mnangagwa is more than your love for your country. So one would rather have the country burn than have Mnangagwa take over power?

Zimbabweans can’t hold their heads high when they meet other citizens from neighbouring countries where we are based now. For we are now called vakadzi vaMugabe or Mugabe’s bitches. Even those Generals who pretend to be man of steel are all part of Mugabe’s bitches. For how in heaven’s name would they see Grace as their Commander-in-Chief? And even salute her? Your wives can do so much better. This, because the people endure and tolerate a lot because they are scared of you men with guns. And the same men with guns are made bitches by a 92-year-old man and have to play poodle to his former concubine or is it Small House in today’s language.

And all those top civil servants, one of whom is George Charamba, did they grow up in an orphanage yearning for motherly love that they would call anything with a pair on her/its chest their mother? Why can’t anyone see that it’s time for a curtain call on this joke, for we are not laughing anymore?

Ishmael Magodo is a political analyst.


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    kalulu 7 years ago

    I fully agree with the writer that this matter of Grace riding over people of Zimbabwe at will whilst people remain silent should no longer be taken as a ‘joke’ people of Zimbabwe are too intelligent to be pushed around by this woman with so many names pertaining to her character and reputation. We should all say ‘enough is enough’ even if the so called generals appear to support this nonsense.

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      True, The problem, I still think is how then can we mobilise the masses to gain courage and face this crew of thugs.For one thing I know Zimbabweans are now fed up,,, But Action speaks louder!

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    IAN SMITH 7 years ago

    Zimbabweans don’t get it they are living under black tribal law applied at the whim of primitive indunas.

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    Its funny how we do joke about things in this country and they have a tendency to come true. Who would have thought that we would be considering such in this world being led by Grace (as the Nigerians say Tofiakwa abomination). God Forbid such evil befalling us.

    I am more and more inclined to believe the Gamatox faction when they say Jonathan came to destroy Zanu from within. And this is how he will do it because he is advocating for a person he knows will not last , because without uncle bob even these military people will not bow down to Grace and he knows it but because he is fermenting factions a war will break out that will carry and destroy the lives of us the poor Zimbabweans.

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    Mazano Rewayi 7 years ago

    For those who care here are three quotes from Napoleon, “A 100 lions led by a dog will die like dogs but 100 dogs led by a lion will fight like lions”, “Death is nothing but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily”, and finally, “Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent”. Decide. If not now, then never.

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    You wrote: “Where are all those men and women that confronted the tyranny of Ian Smith? Did they confront the mighty Rhodesian force to come and kneel before a woman of whom it is an insult to one’s mother to salute with the appellation of “Amai”?
    The ANSWER to this lies with those who gave the ruling power to ZANU-PF in December 1979; who disarmed all the other forces and the Zanla Forces with same. If criminals are condoned and allowed to spread their wings, there are always consequences. Forgiving criminals should never overrule JUSTICE; i.e. if your husband murders and you forgive him for murdering, does it mean you should not turn him on to the police? If you condone his crime and you let life go on with a murder in your household, are you yourself going to be safe in future? The consequences of betraying, disempowering and alienating those alongside whom they fought Ian Smith taste very bitter now are they not? That is what happened to the Zipra forces and the PF ZAPU. Like the blood of Abel crying before God in the ground .. the blood of our Ndebele nation in the mass graves of the Midlands and Matabeleland is still crying for JUSTICE. Justice was denied, but GOD said to us, the survivors “I will fight for you and in your oppression you shall hold your peace.”

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    I meant “..who disarmed all the other forces and empowered the Zanla forces and the National Army with the same ammunition from the ZIPRA Forces and which they used for the holocaust…what a betrayal!”
    When Judas Iscariot betrayed JESUS, he went on to commit suicide. Betrayers eventually commit some kind of suicide as we see ZANU-PF committing suicide now.
    God said Offer thanks-giving unto the God and pay thy vows unto the Most High; And call upon Me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you and you will glorify Me Ps 50:14-15;
    This is the Word for those whose trust is in the LORD.

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    Msizeni silwelani 7 years ago

    I have always argued that my fellow people would rather face the Limpopo river ‘crocs’ than Zimbabwe’s despotic system.