Security sector on high alert: Chiwenga

Source: Security sector on high alert: Chiwenga | The Herald  April 19, 2016

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Defence Forces are aware of machinations by Zimbabwe’s enemies to destablise the country using local elements, but such plots will come to naught.

The country’s security forces said similar plots were fomented during the liberation struggle, but failed.

In an interview with The Herald on the sidelines of the 36th Independence Day celebrations at the National Sports Stadium in Harare yesterday, Commander Defence Forces General Constantine Chiwenga said security forces were on high alert to thwart such machinations.

He described the security forces as the country’s national insurance policy that guaranteed peace and security.

Said Gen Chiwenga: “We are aware of the ascetic warfare they are waging on the country, the country’s political system, the country’s economy and the Defence Forces of the country. There is a real assault on all the establishments of Zimbabwe.”
He said the country was assured of victory.

“But if we defeated them in 1979 and got our independence in 1980, what makes them feel that they can launch another war against us and defeat us? We are aware of them. We are aware of all the tricks. Even during the liberation struggle, we also had the same problems. We had numerous rebellions that you are aware of,” Gen Chiwenga said.

“The parties were being split left, right and centre. They tried all the tricks. In the case of us, we had the parties being destroyed — Zapu and Zanu — when Frolizi was formed. It did not work. We had the rebellions of the Nhari/Badza. We had the rebellions of Vashandi 1 and Vashandi 2,” he said.

“Every trick which has been used, we have been prepared for it and here we are, prepared even more than what they expected.”

Explaining the role of the army in the security of the nation, Gen Chiwenga said: “It is like yourself – for you to be comfortable you take an insurance policy either for your vehicle or your house or for yourself in the event that you die. We are the national insurance policy for the country. We guarantee the security of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans must always go daily about their chores, sleep well, eat well because we are there as their security guarantors.

“We are the stockholders of the country. Some are stakeholders. Stakeholders will come and go but stockholders have nowhere to go so we are the stockholders, we came with it (Zimbabwe).”

Gen Chiwenga said all members of the Defence Forces were war veterans.

“Even when we are gone, there are also war veterans of the Mozambican campaign where we spent 10 years trying to bring peace in Mozambique,” he said.

“We have the DRC war veterans who fought in the DRC for four years. Every member of the Defence Forces you see is a war veteran in his own (right). If the Chinese have got their Mao tse Tung, the Russians have their Lenin so we also have our own President Mugabe. His legacy will live forever.”

General Chiwenga said the youths should remain grounded and never be swayed by misguided local and external forces.

“The youths are the future leaders but they must be moulded,” he said.

“They must be educated. They must be given the correct ideology. They must understand what Zimbabwe is all about. My message to the youth is that, learn from the past as the past informs your present situation and the present situation informs the future.

“We would want our youths to be disciplined. We would want them to be proud of Zimbabwe, to protect and cherish the history of Zimbabwe. To take Zimbabwe forward and never to be confused by any external influences, internal misguided influences. They must stick to the correct ideology.

“They must have pride of their own country. They only have one Zimbabwe.”

Gen Chiwenga said there were programmes in the pipeline such as the National Youths Service to inculcate in youths the values of the country’s history.

Gen Chiwenga said the country’s Look East Policy was bearing positive results as a counter measure to Western sanctions.

He said the illegal sanctions were imposed as a warning to other developing countries not to challenge the policies of their colonial masters.

“The Look East Policy pronounced by the President has also helped us because it is not the North or the Western countries that have got what we need. The world is now a village and so the East and the South-South cooperation have helped us, coupled with our self-reliance through the establishment of the defence and security forces,” said Gen Chiwenga.


  • comment-avatar
    Chindori 6 years ago

    zanu is a split from zapu. talk about that first. who influenced it? the British whol later helped you to rig elections in 1980?

  • comment-avatar
    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    Does this mean that those who went to DRC are now going to receive all the war veterans pensions and allowances for the next 50 years? Is this why there are apparently still 40 000 war vets? It includes every member of the security forces?

  • comment-avatar
    Mpisi 6 years ago

    Sorry to disabuse uou General. The “them” you think you defeated in 1979 couldn’t care less about your decrepit country – most of them have made new lives in smarter countries. Some of them are growing the food you eat. Have the B—s to name “them”. Are you still so terrified you can’t mouth the words? Pathetic. People know the truth. Buying yourself time. Read the Rhod Govt Blue Books for a dose of it. If you can read, that is.

  • comment-avatar

    Well said General. We only have one Zimbabwe and have to safeguard it from all manner of destruction. The citizenry has to be disciplined and focus on matters that improve our standards of living, instead of being blown away by the winds of populism.

    We have seen it all before, hatichavhunduka.


    • comment-avatar
      psalms 58 6 years ago

      “Safeguard it from all manner of destruction?”

      What’s left to destroy? Only the people.

  • comment-avatar
    kalulu 6 years ago

    Chiwenga’s statement sounds like ‘bootlicking’ to gain favours from Muagabe to save his job following Grace’s appeal for him to be relieved of his duties.

    A full army general being intimidated by Grace, what a shame.

  • comment-avatar
    C Frizell 6 years ago

    ZPF’s “enemies” are – the people of Zimbabwe!

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 6 years ago

    General please shut up. You sound pathetic. You creepy crawly.

  • comment-avatar
    Justice 6 years ago

    WTF!!!! If the Zim army had concentrated on their constitutional responsibilities instead of killing, beating and harrassing the very people they are pledged to protect then things would have been very different in Zim. Please just disappear into the sunset so Zim can start to repair the damage you have done, imbecile!

  • comment-avatar
    Jackson 6 years ago

    What a moronic commander. Busy deliberately creating lies, suppressing descent, seeing shadows of non existent enemies. All for the purpose of protecting a regime that has committed atrocities to humanity and looted wealth. Idiot

  • comment-avatar
    Barry Groulx 6 years ago

    Oh dear. “Somebody” out to get poor us again. Why would they bother? We’re doing a good enough job of destabilising ourselves without anyone else’s help.

  • comment-avatar
    kongonya 6 years ago

    Professional Generals they choose words before they say them, but with these statements from general shows something missing.