Storm over Trump sons’ Zim safari hunt

WASHINGTON DC — UNITED States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praised sons Donald Jr and Eric’s hunting talents as sick photos emerge of them showing off slain safari animals.

Source: Storm over Trump sons’ Zim safari hunt – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 25, 2016

Daily Mail

X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne posted a picture on Instagram of Donald Jnr (38) and Eric (32) proudly posing with a dead leopard after a hunting trip in Zimbabwe.

Sharon — who is a critic of the Republican US presidential candidate — added a message for her 2,4 million followers, saying: “Really? A great example of humanity, killing animals in Africa?! Disgusting.”

Other pictures emerged in 2012 of the Trump brothers standing next to animals they gunned down on two trips in 2010 and 2011 — including antelope, waterbuck, two buffalos, a great warthog and a civet cat.

Trump Snr defended his sons’ hobby of hunting on African kill safaris, saying: “My sons love to hunt. Eric is a hunter and I’d say he puts it on a par with golf, if not ahead of golf. They’re great marksman, great shots and love it. I like golf. I don’t do that.”

The Trumps would have been charged a hefty fee for every kill. The price list quotes £46 000 to hunt an elephant, up to £27 000 to kill a big cat and £6 500 for a crocodile.

Donald Jnr said: “Hunting isn’t about killing. Hunting and fishing makes you fall in love with the natural world.”

Last night, naturalist Chris Packham said: “They should feel utterly ashamed. And they’re not doing their dad any favours as a man campaigning to become president of the US.”


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    Reverend 6 years ago

    Looks like the greenies are at it again!!

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    Animal Lover 6 years ago

    There was a big outcry about Cecil and this is worse! This story must hit the headlines at the Washington Post,New York Times,CNN etc!!

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    Doris 6 years ago

    All South African professional hunters have to get permission from National Parks to hunt in Zimbabwe. My question is…who owns that concession…..what is the bag limit for that area? Were they poaching? And whom did they pay?

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    It might be good for conservation and it might benefit communities but hunting and taking trophies is exactly what psychopaths do. If they started hunting kids and removing their ears would Trump be ok with that? Too? Because they enjoy it? Sick, sick family. Narcissistic to the core. And within reach of the worlds largest nuclear arsenal.

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    why hate on trump,sic it’s a sport what about uss soldiers who hve gone on rampage for obama in middle east and killing civilians wth drones like playing x-box on innocent pple so I guess its ok with you

    • comment-avatar
      Kevin 6 years ago

      The US soldiers in the Middle east were sent there by George Bush and Obama has done his best to extricate them. Its a pity you chose to display your ignorance publicly.

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    All the above is a matter of opinion and sentimentality!
    Animal Lover… To let you know that the “Cecil” hunt was 100 % legal and the client Mr. Walter Palmer will or has received the trophy in the USA.
    Doris. All Operators have to get hunting permits called Tras 2 from National Parks to hunt a client and all game taken has to be within the stipulated quota and has to be recorded on the hunt permit. Money has to be banked before an export permit is allowed. Why would you need to know about all the quotas and permits? Leave it to the authorities to handle it! No need to get involved.
    Adam… It is HHK.
    Tom.. I take it psychopaths eat meat. For goodness sake man why do you have to turn the love of hunting into a desire to kill kids. Boy you are mixed up man! You are certainly a hateful person and must be difficult to talk to. I seems you would be voting for the head of corruption Hillary if you had the chance. I am a Trump man and God help America if Hillary gets in!!
    King… Sanity reigns… Yesss! Thanks pardner , we on the same line!

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    Barry 6 years ago

    Funny no one who’s up in arms over this ever mentions the $20m Zim earns from sustainable and legal hunting annually.

    Funnier still those who want to shut it down never offer to make up the $20m.