This is not the time for grandstanding

It is no secret that Zimbabwe is going through a trying period and the majority of citizens have borne the brunt of the socio-economic challenges.

Source: This is not the time for grandstanding – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 16, 2016


What is quite clear, if only politicians can open their eyes and see, is that this is not the time for political posturing and grandstanding.

The suffering that the people of Zimbabwe have been subjected to over the past decade demands that the political leadership lay aside their differences and put the interests of the nation ahead of their own obsession with holding onto power or getting into power at the expense of the citizenry.

In retrospect, the period of the Government of National Unity (GNU) provided a litmus test showing that when people put their personal desires aside for the greater good of the country, a positive impact can be realised.

There is, therefore, no need at all for President Robert Mugabe to be rattled by this weekend’s events when MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) president Joice Mujuru jointly held a campaign rally in Gweru. What is simply needed is for all political parties serious about changing the status quo to work together for the common good.

Yet, Mugabe, who stood a great chance of reinvigorating Zanu PF through leadership renewal, has squandered any chance he had of securing the future of the former liberation movement.

In light of reports that some Zanu PF elements called Tsvangirai on the eve of the rally, Zanu PF cannot afford to keep its head buried in the sand because the winds of change are slowly sweeping across the land.

Is change not the only constant? Zanu PF risks being swept away if it continues refusing to adapt to change and appreciating that they need to up their game. Instead of ostracising people through crafting unreasonable laws and policies, they must find new, innovative ways of reaching out to the people.

It is an open secret that, given the new trend of the hashtag protests, thousands of young Zimbabweans, who represent the future, are desperate for a political establishment that will bring real change on the back of bright economic fortunes.

Many of these millennial voters will not care what political party is in power as long as it can deliver a new system that will see their lives improved.

As long as bread and butter issues are not addressed, which is likely to happen given Zanu PF’s obduracy and arrogance, progressive opposition forces will continue galvanising until such a time when they are able to push an outdated Zanu PF out of power.

It is time 92-year-old Mugabe and his Zanu PF party dealt with the politics affecting livelihoods of millions of people locally and in the Diaspora.


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    It is important for the writer to understand one thing clearly that the people of Zimbabwe do not want one zanupf person in the next government. Grandstanding now is irrelevant to us and we will only look on to that as a person to bring down. The cheffs must understand that their time is not just coming to an end now … IT IS OVER ALREADY!! There is going to be free and fair elections soon and we do not want to see a zanupf name on the voting papers!! You are now a thing of the past and if you have nowhere else to go then we will put you up in Chikarubi.OK

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    Fallenz 6 years ago

    “Zanu PF risks being swept away if it continues refusing to adapt to change and appreciating that they need to up their game.”

    No! Absolutely NOT..!!! They don’t need to “up their game”… they need to go away. Zanu_pf needed to stop their corruption, theft, and violence long ago. They gave away their rights to lead by virtue of their insane desires that the nation give them homage. They no longer have a future, because just one man refused to bow and voiced his displeasure with the status quo at the percise point in time when the many were willing to follow… and the many gave hope to the rest. Zany-pf needs to be swept away into the dust bin of evil.

    GBZ is accurate that not one who is zanu-pf, or has been a part of that awful scheme, should be elected. Relegate them to a dark corner of history, vow to never allow such as them to ever rule again, and begin Zim’s return to sanity.

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    Nhamo dzenyika 6 years ago

    Surely its quite encouraging to see that the Devil zanu pf is no longer wanted by anyone with a clear mind in this country called Zimbabwe. We have had enough of your Devillish Bully Satanic time you spend riding on us you zanu pf monsters and go now go you brutts!!!