Time to change the game

“Those who caused yesterday’s pains do not have power over tomorrow’s potentials,” Mike Murdoch.

Source: Time to change the game – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 21, 2016

Opinion: Vince Musewe

I am shocked and disappointed at the amount of despondency out there. It appears, to me, many Zimbabweans have resigned themselves to a continuation of the status quo.

I have asked many for solutions on how we can extricate ourselves out of this nightmare and all they can say is that we should wait for elections in 2018 and hopefully vote Zanu PF out of power. That is not going to happen.
Zimbabwe has had 12 elections since 1980 and these elections have failed to change the status quo, what then will be different in 2018? The recent violence assisted by the police in Norton clearly shows that our police force is there to protect Zanu PF interests. We need a new formula for 2018.

The momentum towards coalitions has been somewhat disturbed by the poaching of members from coalition partners. How can parties talk coalition while they are effectively sabotaging each other in the pretext of negotiations? Of course, Zimbabweans are free to join any political party they wish, there is no doubt about that.

However, where parties are in negotiations, one expects a modicum of respect and ethical behaviour, but it is clear that this does not exist in our political arena. It’s a dog eat dog approach. Can such people lead Zimbabwe and create the Zimbabwe we want? I sincerely doubt that.

We need to take a fresh approach to politics, where we have ethical leaders, who respect each other and unless this happens coalitions will not happen and once again, we will see a split vote in 2018, thus, inadvertently strengthening Zanu PF. Self-interest leads to disaster and I am not convinced that those political leaders, who grew up under Zanu PF value system are about to change their behaviours.

In my opinion we need a clean break from the past. We need an environment free from fear and intimidation. For this to happen citizens need to be economically empowered so that their wellbeing is not dependent on Zanu PF largesse. As long as that is the case, their vote will not be influenced by who can best lead Zimbabwe, but will be based in the fear of loss and violence.

We need also to address the economic meltdown now and not wait for 2018. There is nothing that Zanu PF can offer in 2018 that they cannot offer now. In other words, nothing will change post 2018 if Zanu PF remains in power. Things will get worse.

As I write this, there is no safe drinking water in many urban areas, no street lights at night, which now look so dark, cash has run out at the banks and unemployment is increasing with most skilled Zimbabweans having to do whatever they can to make ends meet.

At night, the streets in Harare have been reduced to a ragtag night market, with mothers sitting on dirty pavements selling vegetables, touts shouting to get people into their kombis and university graduates selling anything from air time to imported Chinese trinkets. It is the worst of times for most ordinary Zimbabweans, who deserve better.

We now have corrupt ministers justifying the abuse of funds by saying everyone else does worse things and even quoting the Constitution to protect their abuse of public office.

It is not revelation that public funds are diverted to meet Zanu PF political party programmes as the tax authority do their best to squeeze every last cent out of taxpayers and the police have established an extortion machinery to generate cash that is not even accounted for.

Our hospitals are a disaster and have run out of medicine and our infrastructure dilapidates each day into Zimbabwe ruins. In all this we have a President who travels the world as if all is well.

We have State enterprises, which are now the looting machine for a predatory cabal that is not even involved in any productive activity. The looting of our resources is increasing by the day as everyone seeks to make as much as they can today, not tomorrow.

All this is not about to change unless we break the pattern and in my opinion we need a National Transitional Authority (NTA) to take over and correct things before we can even think of free and fair elections. The scepticism arising over the NTA idea is not that is the wrong solution, but many doubt on how we can make it happen given the intransigence of Zanu PF to implement any reforms.

The solution is very simple. We, as citizens, must have consensus of the nature and form of the NTA, once we have done that, we must then do whatever is necessary to make it happen.

For me, this is our only chance to change the game and we should all use our creative brains on how we can force Zanu PF to concede first that they have failed and second that it cannot be politics as usual.

It will not be easy because we know their nature, but it is better we fight for substantive change that to wait for elections and hope that our numbers will win the day.

We also need to be very clear on who needs to be convinced with regard to the NTA.

In my view, we must convince regional and international partners first. We then must work together with social movements, organised civic bodies, labour, churches to agree on the nature of the NTA.

That is all. We do not need to convince every individual on the NTA, but work with those that have leverage in making it happen. The rest will follow.

If there is any time to significantly change the game and have any hope in creating the Zimbabwe we want, it is now. Everyone is invited!

Another Zimbabwe is possible!

Vince Musewe is an economist and author. He is also Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs of PDP. You may contact him on vtmusewe@gmail.com


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    Diasporan 6 years ago

    Sorry Vince, but you have to accept the despondency, nothing will change in our lifetime. As optimistic as you are, the government needs to be overthrown, Zanu PF banned and all of them imprisoned before Zims can even think of a better future. They’re like a disease with no cure, they will never give up power unless they are overthrown. Zimbabweans will suffer for many years to come, that’s why over 3 million of us have left our once beautiful country, nothing will ever change. I left Zim 25 years ago & reached the stage where I’ve lived abroad for more years than I lived in Zims and I will never ever go back.

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    Vince NTA is quite a noble idea but remember our special spies. They will be part and parcel of NTA and it will die before it is even born. This group is always a steep further in whatever activity we might think of. Taking the bull head on is the only solution, then will pick up the pieces as we move on. The cowards some of them with as much as 25years in self imposed exile will be watching from the terraces whilst our God given country burns. Remember many went to War and and a number never tasted the sweetness of independence, such is life lets go out there once and for all and push em out. By the way Mr Secretary Sir from which part of the world do you write from? Never write to us if you part of that group Self Imposed exiles the Thomas Mapfumos and his more than 3 million cowards. Jabulani Sibanda my Hero yes that one we can listen to what he says because his on the ground. Enjoy your popcorn whilst sitting in the comfort of your very expensive rented houses.