TIZ Iaunches community anti-corruption exercise

TRANSPARENCY Zimbabwe International (TIZ) has launched a community anti-corruption exercise, capacitating activists and journalists to identify and expose graft in their communities in a bid to nip the vice in the bud.

Source: TIZ Iaunches community anti-corruption exercise – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 21, 2016


TIZ executive director Mary-Jane Ncube said the programme, currently being piloted in Bulawayo, is adopting a “low-cost but high-impact” strategy to expose graft starting from the communities.

Ncube said this was necessary to inculcate a culture of zero tolerance to corruption from ordinary people in the communities up to top government officials.

“We believe in a low cost but high impact strategy where we use the little resources at our disposal to expose graft. For example, pastor Evans Mawarire used only a mobile phone but his messages posted on social networks resonates with the millions in Zimbabwe and abroad,” she said.

“Likewise, this programme is aimed at ensuring that you monitor graft practices and expose it. We must be able to name and shame corrupt people on social networks and set a precedence that we will not allow corruption again.”

Addressing stakeholders at the end of a two-day capacity-building workshop in Bulawayo yesterday, Ncube said the fight against corruption was a struggle that could take long, but required commitment to achieve it.

“The fight against corruption will not be easy but it is necessary to guarantee our freedom, prosperity, development of our country for our present and future generations.”

President Robert Mugabe has often lamented corruption in his government, but the opposition has accused him of failing to lead by example and bring the culprits to book.

In February, Mugabe revealed that nearly $15 billion in potential diamond revenues disappeared, but nothing has been done to recover the monies.

Recently, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission said it had placed several individuals and corporations under investigation for corruption.

People’s Democratic Party economic affairs secretary Vince Musewe said without principled leadership, the fight against graft would not be achieved

“As PDP, we believe that, first and foremost, ethical and principled leadership is critical in effectively dealing with corruption.

This leadership must start at State House where the President is expected to lead by example and protect national interests at all costs,” Musewe said recently.