Tomana hearing begins

Source: Tomana hearing begins | The Herald August 30, 2016

Court Reporter

Suspended Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana is today expected to appear before a disciplinary tribunal to determine his suitability to continue holding the esteemed office. Tomana is facing a slew of charges, including defying court orders. According to reliable sources, the hearing will be held at a city hotel. Retired High Court judge Justice Moses Chinhengo chairs the three-member tribunal.

The other members are University of Zimbabwe Dean of Law Mr Emmanuel Magade and a city lawyer Ms Melina Matshiya.

The inquiry is expected to be concluded within three months from the commencement date.

President Mugabe set up the tribunal following recommendations from the Judicial Service Commission in accordance with Section 187(3) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

JSC made recommendations to the President in May this year for the establishment of a tribunal to investigate and assess whether Mr Tomana is still fit to hold his office.

Mr Tomana is currently facing about seven charges of criminal abuse of office at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

In October last year, Mr Tomana was slapped with a 30-day jail term for contempt of court after he defied court orders to issue certificates for the private prosecution of Bikita West legislator Dr Munyaradzi Kereke and Telecel shareholder Dr Jane Mutasa.

The sentence was wholly set aside on condition that he complied with the court orders and issued private prosecution certificates to Mr Francis Maramwidze and Telecel within 10 days, or he would be barred from practicing as a lawyer in Zimbabwe.

Kereke has since been jailed an effective 10 years for raping an 11-year-old relative while Mutasa’s charges of swindling the company of airtime recharge cards worth millions of dollars were dropped.


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    Kkkkkk. living on both “borrowed power” and “borrowed time” is the worst stupidity which only the likes of Tomana would not mind living in.

    Yes, I believe living in “borrowed power” is for all of us whatever entity you are managing, private or public – for the owners may for one reason or another disagree with your best and withdraw the power or you may also find the position untenable & simply choose to turn your back on the power – with your integrity & dignity intact of course. Normally in that case, time & others positives could be on your side.
    However, living on “borrowed time” is the opposite of that. In such a case, time & all other positively are all against your and for very justifiable reasons too. Remember, when this Tomana guy was forced to comply with court orders upon being told that his failure to do would result in him being de-registered (unable to practice) as a lawyer again. He had to hastily comply – course time was running out for him – he was certainly abusing his borrowed time. You, when you decide to live on borrowed time, chance are your transgressions will either take you to your grave or at least live with you eternally – they will follow you to the grave.

    Tomana lived on both borrowed power & borrowed time; and it seems his time of reckoning is up. Nxaaaaa. Nyamugwa nebakatwa anofa achitemwa nebakatwa rake.

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    TJINGABABILI 6 years ago


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    surprising they never learn